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I am the son of Edward Dubrowsky. He developed Red Bramble Kennels on Long Island. Dad traveled and tried to outbreed as much as possible. Sadly he passed last december and I was looking to see if anyone has his bloodlines. My girl is getting old and want perhaps to take over where Dad left off!

Well maybe not that many but would like to keep his memory going!

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Hi Geoff,
My husband and I bought our Riley from your dad, he was born in August of 2000. We were searching for info on your dad to see if he was still breeding and came across this site. So sorry to hear of his passing. He certainly breed great setters and was very intertesting to talk to. Our Riley was the largest of the litter and grew to be an abnormally large setter and weighed 126. He's a handsome, smart and loveable boy. Unfortunately, he has DM and is now losing function of his hind legs. He was doing well until a few months ago. Other than that he is doing great for his age and size. We also live in NJ and in the future will be looking for a quality breeder for some new setter pups. Will you be following in your dads path?
Lori Koslovski

Hi Lori

My Kiara, I believe is Riley's sister. She is also 12 and on the large size. I kept her because she had an eye issue at birth and was not thinking then of breeding. Now with Dad passed I am thinking about trying to revive the bloodlines, but by sponsoring dogs that I hope will carry the redbramble name. I have local friends who I plan on throwing the idea at. Having a 17 yr old autistic son and having to also serve as guardian for my late sisters 2 disabled kids a full kennel may not be the smartest thing to do. If I find the right cross I will let you know.



I hope you find your Dad's old bloodlines!! They would also be related to mine (far back) as Ardbraccan Aristocrat appears in my dog's pedigrees too ;)




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