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My daughter has reserved two English Setters a dog 2 years old who has previously been rescued and a bitch 4 years (not previously a rescue). She has asked me for advice but only ever had Irish Setters I do not know about any differences. They are quite a bit smaller than my boy and they look as if a but of grooming is required. (Are they groomed the same as Irish)? Any advice would be helpful.

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Though I didn't show my ES and only groomed him as a pet, I'd say yes, they are groomed the same way. They do have a thicker coat so more prone to getting knots. They also shed a lot more in my experience. They are beautiful dogs - I find the IS slightly more intelligent, but of course the ES is a Gundog too so has to have a certain amount of brains.

I'd say similar in character to the Irish, loving, loyal etc. I think your daughter is very lucky!
Hi Trish, George and Daisy the rescue English Setters arrived at their new home on Saturday, I have just met them and they seem quite happy so far. George is quite nervous so we are going to take our Bracken to meet them in a local park, so hope all goes well.

They were spayed and neutered only last week so the dear souls have had a very stressful time.

Their coats are no where as long as my boys but their feet could do with a bit of a trim when I get to know them more.

Will post a photo of them soon I think Daisy is from the working line and George looks more like the show type.

My daughter is thrilled to bits with them.

I am thrilled for you and your daughter.I am sure George and Daisy will have a wonderful life and be very happy.

Let us know, later, how they are getting on.

I'm so pleased they've arrived!  Would love to see pictures.  Yes, I think the feathering is shorter, but thicker - if that makes sense? 


Thank you all for your comments, I have posted some pictures of George and Daisy and also comments on their first meeting with Bracken. It's very early days and I hope things will improve.

Hi Valerie

                 I have both Irish and English. The English has a thicker coat and will need a good brush every second day to keep the tangles away, otherwise for a pet the maintenance is pretty much the same as for an Irish. I love both breeds and find the English to be a real companion and could never be without one now. The English in my experience is very gentle and just love hugs from their human slaves. Enjoy and I am sure they will both settle in to their new home quickly. XXX




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