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There seem to be a lot of calls for charitable donations and rescue services out there at the moment so I thought I mention Ringo, a Red Setter from Irland, who was brought into Laois pound with horrific face and neck injuries earlier this year. There was a call for donations on Facebook to cover for his treatment to which I contributed (for what it was worth) but I'm delighted to report that he is recovering well and the ISBC Rescue together with Laois Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are now looking for new and kind owners for this boy


Just in case you can think of someone who can give this little fella their individed attention.


There are other Reds looking for a new home as well of course....



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Oh John thank you so very, very much for going to all that trouble to write what was obviously written about Ringo's new home for me :0)))) What an absolutely wonderful end for Ringo and as was said the forgiveness from a dog which suffered so terribly never ceases to amaze me. One thing is for sure, he has a wonderful forever home with a truly loving setter family. Thank you again John

Ps....one day I will learn how to use all this modern day technology lol :0))

you're welcome Dianne...all i did was cut and paste, the joys of modern day technology lol :0)) regards john

The story of ringo is possibly the sickest and most heartwarming story I've read in a long time. How somebody can do that to any dog is beyond me specially a irish setter I am massively biased as I write this I've got Clio curled up on my lap having cuddles in my opinion they are the most perfect dogs so glad to hear ringo is making a recovery looks to have found a loving home which all setters deserve




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