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Hi, just wondering if you can teach your dog to only come up on sofa when invited or is this confusing for them and hence unfair?

You can tell I am a novice at this can't you!!!

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They really are creatures of comfort aren't they? Do they quite often sleep together? My husband is getting worried as I told Reuben he needs a 'Reubeness' for company!!! Perhaps I had better consider getting through Adolescence first...
My girls decided when they were babies that they wished to sit/sleep on the couch either with us or without us (lol). They are allowed on the couch in our family room & in the computer room, but not on our leather one. They learned very quickly & never attempt to go on that one. Actually, I love seeing them sprawled out & so relaxed, and yes, I do believe they think they're human. Love them to bits though.

Lovely girls and nice contrast in colours!
he looks so comfortable barbara
We have a cream sofa...so it makes it easier to be 'strict'....but they both know that they are only allowed to come up onto the sofa when we put the throw down on it...(which is only in the evening) .also, I think it's easier if they are not allowed until they are a little older....otherwise it is a bit confusing for them...but it's so nice to sit and cuddle...:-))
Thanks Sammi, yes cream sofa I can only imagine the paw prints! Our sofas are old and wll be replaced in the next year or so, so must choose hardwearing one i think...
I bought two leather settees in dark brown, for the dogs....easier to clean, and don't scratch that easily. Having a problem with the puppy at the moment, he is tending to chew the arms, but he isn't aloud in the room when I am not there, so still all in one piece, for the time being anyway, thank goodness. I used to have fabric, but my old dotty Akita just shredded it, when she was having one of her senior moments, (she was over 15 when I had to let her go), A short while after she left us to go to doggy heaven, I could buy some new furniture, Bless her...and that is me up to date with furniture, had these for over four years now
Remember visiting an old lady in Stockport who bred Pembroke Corgis. she talked about going to John Lewis and having the salesman in a complete paddy.

She had gone through every sofa in the store with him and finally he said "madam what EXACTLY are you looking for"

"One that goes with the Corgis"

Perhaps DFS are using Crufts as a research platform and next year we will see Setter couches. Black with a fleck of tan through it. Irish Setter leather three seater (for that extra stretch) a pampered pooch put-u-up!!
Yes, it seems possible without confusion. A friend of mine has introduced the command "off", and his dog leaves the couch or the bed. When he invites his dog, he pats on the couch - a command a dog will soon learn....

However, I personally found out that, once we invited our dogs, we did it for life. It's fine with us.
They share the couch with us and have trained us well:)) We are are a pack of four, and curling up on a big couch is one of the highlights of the day.

Don't worry about being a novcie. You'll be fine. We started as novices, too, and listened to a lot of people. You know what? They all told us completely different, at times conflicting things - even professional dog trainers.

Enjoy life with your dog!
My dogs just invited themselves on the sofa. Our old girl Amy has a particular spot that she likes and gets quite disgruntled if anybody else sits there. It is quite funny to watch visitors who sit in her spot get more amd more uneasy as she stands in front glaring at them. We eventually let them know why and they always move. She has ua all under control.
Stop - you are making my hair curl!

Do you ever observe your group of dogs? the dog that considers itself top of the heap will choose a place to lie or sit and the others will not come and sit beside it. - they may sit further away but lower down. when you allow them to dictate where they sit you are at the bottom of the pack. I know one friend who sits on the floor cos there is no room on her couch for her.

Dont start asking them on the sofa. they cant rationalise when they are not allowed, not clean, not wanted, no room. they dont get it! That is my seat and even if you have an "off" cue, how quickly do they come back and sneak on.

Dogs on furniture is a no no.
Next you will be buying them popcorn and letting them watch dvd's
So!!! mine love the telly, and we share the popcorn!!!ha ha...
BUT they still know who is top....me....the puppy is still finding his place, but he is learning...




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