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Hi, just wondering if you can teach your dog to only come up on sofa when invited or is this confusing for them and hence unfair?

You can tell I am a novice at this can't you!!!

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He did okay thanks Barb, considering all the distraction. I think he is quite a good boy really and learning quite quickly. I am lucky not to have to work at the moment, so can really spend lots of time training. He is willful though and argues back verbally with a real look at defiance, but I always win, haha. My problem is trying to train other humans what not to do ie, feed titbits (my father in law) and to not fuss him until bum on floor when they visit the house. My inlaws make such a fuss of him on entering our house, he jumps and wees in excitement. With me he has learned to yes be excited but sits very quickly in order to get a fuss - simple really! Also on walks, dog frineds have given him treats and now he is developing in to a pest with people by constantly hassling them. So this morn I requested that no one gives him anything.




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