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Sire and Dam details in Litter Advertisements

A interesting new trend in advertisements on Dogs on line pure breed website. Litters of Irish being advertised with no mention of the Dam or Sire. Ads talk of proven show lines, bloodlines that have proven to be successful around the globe, features some of Australiasias top bloodlines, all Uk and european lines etc.

No names of the Dam and Sire.

Contact with the breeders has to be made before you can find out.

I find this strange as I would want to know more about the health and background of the pups up front. What do you think

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Hi Rhonda, yes agree with you. The names of both Sire and Dam are listed on my advert as are the health tests that have been done.

Your advert is really informative as are others. First it started with full details and comments on the sire only with no mention of the dam. Now it has extended to this. One mentions that all health checks have been done, a strange comment when you don't have the name of the Sire or Dam.

It wouldn't bother me......I would just pick up the phone and get the information, it's what I have always done anyway.

I agree with Torie and Sue.  If you have pet owners looking through these sites for a puppy would they know who the sire and dam were anyway.  Names might not mean much to them but information on health checks, hip scores, proven successful show lines etc will certainly catch their attention.  If prospective owners are interested then they will contact the breeder and start a dialogue or look on the breeder's website for further information.  I think that is a very sensible way.

I think many companion owners are smarter these days. Access to internet and research of the dam and sire with the advertised names would be a normal thing. Hard to look up on websites or investigate tests without the names. It is interesting that just when we have a new state law that requires pups to be advertised with their microchip numbers or registered breeder number these have started. The state goverment is very keen to take action on puppy farms and make the sale of pups more accountable.

It will be interesting to see if the lure of proven show lines or actual upfront information on the parents, pups and test results will give better results.

Would Mate Select work with these sort of adverts.


Website information is great on one who list the parents but one is not working and the other has no information on the litter. These two do not list the parents. I really wish that Victoria was moving forward to the UK standard of information.  

I have found club websites and kennel club websites do outline health issues about the breed very clearly. I guess that is what I like about some of the more informative adverts. They are demonstrating to anyone what the tests are without having to bring it up in conversation. It allows for background research before you hear the experience of the breeder. If you were told that the new pra was only in UK and European lines not American you would have some background.

I agree with you Eve I don't put sire and dam on except for Champdogs. Most pups will go as pets anyone else will ask. I do say parents have won in the show ring, plus health checks as I find most people are more clued up now a days.i always tell people what checks the parents should have even if they go else where for a pup.

There is, also, the price of the advert to consider. The majority of pet owners would sooner have information on the quality of the lines, health checks and whether the breeder is a genuine Irish Setter enthusiast. That information is better extracted by personal contact. I would consider the advert as an introduction.
Rhonda, I would be surprised if Mate Select would be of much value to a puppy buyer. Far better to talk it through with the prospective breeder. Most puppy buyers get a gut instinct about breeders and vice versa but only on personal contact.
I, like you Val, also run through health checks with buyers, even though they might go elsewhere for their pup.

I find the whole push of kennel clubs, breed clubs and some breeders to promote healthy pure bred dogs great. It is wonderful that there is a real effort in educating the public with quick access upfront information. It sets up a difference between puppy farms and caring breeders. The dam and sire information I feel is a basic need in the advert. The microchip laws here help this too. It is more about the dog than the breeder. If the attitude is they just want a companion why would they care if it had won in the ring.

From my own experience Rhonda puppy owners do like to know that their pet had come from winning lines. We are all human after all. 

Wonder if this will be superseded with more information on health, temperament. Pedigree Dogs Exposed has knocked this idea as a key must have a little I think. That is why I am very pleased that there is a push for healthy pure bred dogs as the main message. Dogs Victoria is promoting a more diverse image of pure bred dogs and I don’t think this is a disadvantage to our breeds.




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