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I've just been flicking though my Crufts catalogue, and I've spotted a dog entered who's sire is evidently 34 years old!!!

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Happy birthday to him....;0))
Who was it?
The breeder obviously uses frozen semen. Ch Camrose Cabus Christopher (Golden Retriever) was still producing Champions until recently.
I thought that is must be him, I remember him when he was alive...lovely dog...
Yes, I remember him too. He and Hawkhill Connaught were two dogs that literally stood out in a crowd.
No Dee, this is an Irish Setter, the sire is Cornevon Pipedream born in July 1975.
Wow, that is interesting. The only other dog from that era used recently was Sowerhill Sailor of Wendover.
Another one used not so long ago was Sh Ch Westerhuy's Cornevon Dream which Willy used herself; but he wasn't quite so old!
Ah Trudy that was all my era the early 70's to 80's Who was his 'child'???
The dog was not actually entered, but the entry was sent in as a test to see if it actuallly made it to the catalogue, ie was it going to get past the checks for entry. Amazingly it did! When you have to give details of where and how your dog qualified, it makes you wonder just how this one slipped through the net. This dog actually died in the 1990's!!!!! It did exist then and is not a present day dog created by frozen semen. I noticed this the day after gundog day when I looked at the catalogue as I had only added this dog to my web site a few days earlier, so couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! By the way the dogs on my site are not all relatives, I am trying to build a comprehensive database complete with photos and annecdotes of as many Irish as possible. Still trying to think of a new name for the Relatives section, which is how it started out!!!!
Oh I see, well it's caused a stir hasn't it. Do you know who was testing the system? and why?

In any case it's provided a little project for those detectives amongst us, and just goes to show how much research material there is out there.
Hi Dawn,

Yes I do, I am in contact with the dog's owner. They assure me that this was doone as a test because for many years, probably like the rest of us, they opened their crufts catalogue to see dogs they had never heard of and having attended all the qualifying shows were puzzled as to how they had qualified. When I queried why this dog's details were entered in the catalogue, thinking that it was either a typing error, or that someone was showing a dog with a false pedigree (rather like canine identity fraud), I was told that it had been deliberately to prove a point. That point being that they do not check the qualification details or in fact any others very carefully, or as carefully as they should. From this exercise it would seem that is so. If they had done their job thoroughly this dog wouldn't have slipped through the net. I'd be interested to know if there are any other such entrants in other breeds. The person responsible has obviously got more money than me, being able to spend all that to enter to prove a point. As far as I understand it the only details changed were the birth year and the owner's name.

As for the wealth of research material on the web, I was dismayed at how little there was available, especially when trying to track down obscure dogs. This is one reason why I decided to expand my relatives section on my site to include every Irish Setter I could trace. If you go onto my site and look this dog up you will also be able to see his photo. He looks remarkably good considering his advanced years!! Perhaps he's into botox and face lifts as well, after all, he's now become something of a celebrity!!!!!
Best wishes,
Oh thanks Michelle I really did need a laugh, and this on has had me in hysterics, tears and all....So are you going to let us know who it was?????
Just shows to go that every dog entered in Crufts may not have actually qualified for this show.......Hum.....




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