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I've just been flicking though my Crufts catalogue, and I've spotted a dog entered who's sire is evidently 34 years old!!!

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I think what the point is:- they check on silly things, like my dog is in partnership and I always sign for all, but on my Crufts entry I have had the whole lot check and all sent back to me saying that ALL owners should sign, and that is not really possible, I don't live near the other owners and haven't really spoken to them (socially) for a very long time, and there is always the chance of things getting lost in the post over this period, so what do you do??? and there are some out there who's partners are now deceased, how does one get around that, a Medium signing for them???
and while they are checking for these things they aren't checking for the qualifying part on the entry form, or is it, that so long as there is something written there that is enough????..and no it isn't ''life or death'' but there are many dogs that get to Crufts via the 'old boy network' do we need any more, (and I am not just talking about Irish Setters here) People say that Crufts is for the 'cream de la cream' of a breed, come on lets not be stupid her, we all know that it isn't like that, a lot are there because of ''who you know not what you know..'' and this 34 year old dog is a classic example of how easy it is to enter anything, not only was there NO qualification but the date of birth was WRONG and so was the OWNER WRONG so this is not just ONE thing it was MANY...and yes the people or person that did this must have plenty of money, if it was more than one then...easy....a couple of quid each, no problem....
As far as I know, the person responsible said that she was making a point about dogs getting through that didn't qualify and that the KC were not doing the checks they are supposed to be doing. She said that certain people wouldn't believe her when she repeatedly told them about this, so entered this dead dog to 'prove her point'. Since this came to light she seems to have gone to ground. This is not someone who is green,but an experienced dog person, so it's all the more surprising that they were prepared to falsify documents like this, knowing the possible consequences. They've certainly got more money that I have if they can afford to chuck it away like that!

I actually DO think that it matters that only dogs who qualify are entered, after all that's supposed to be the whole point of Crufts isn't it, only for the creme de la creme and all that. I've always thought that it would be a good idea to print in the catalogue exactly which show the dogs qualified at and what they won to qualify. When I was out with Fergus and did every ch sh, there were still dogs enetered at Crufts each year that I hadn't heard of and hadn't come across and I was left wondering which show they'd qualified at and how I wasn't aware of them at least, if I'd done every show. Seems it's the same in every breed, not just ours. The person concerned is under the impression that because she entered the dog under someone else's name they can't trace her, but Jeremy managed to trace her very easily. I would like to know the outcome of this and what the KC do about it. I do agree with you though, it does seem to be going to extremes to cause all this upset just to make a point.




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