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I've just been flicking though my Crufts catalogue, and I've spotted a dog entered who's sire is evidently 34 years old!!!

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The person in question is no longer in Irish Setters, but was actually stewarding at Crufts on Gundog day in another breed ring. I wouldn't dare put this person's name into print on the public domain, it wouldn't be fair to them now would it? I dare say that it will all come out eventually now that Fosse Data & the KC are investigating the matter. Though when I voiced my concern about them taking actrion about this, the person responsible didn't seem to think there was anything they could do. Incredible!!
Oh yes I know where you are coming from there.......mums the word
Well i suppose that falsifying the info provided on the entry such as qualification ,date of birth,owner details perhaps could breach kennel club rules ??where upon the fine could be £50 (that is if they could trace the supposed owner!!!!.If the registered owners had rehomed, and a transfer hadnt been done the original owners might be in for a rather unexpected surprise), that is if the kennel club considered that a breach had occurred or a complaint being made..
It might not look good for the KC,so wait and see forth coming editions of the kennel gazette.
Guess how old the junior is????? The animal in question is called Amberline Adonis who is recorded in the Crufts catalogue as being Sired by Cornevon Pipe Dream out of a bitch called Velvet Amber Glory DOB 02.12.07.Owned by Mr T.Brown.In fact Amberline Adonis is sired by Cornevon Pipe Dream(litter brother of Cornevon Westerhuys Dream and all the cornevon 'Dream' litter 17/7/75) out of Velvet Amber Glory DOB 02.07.1977 Breeders Mr & Mrs J.T.Ashton from Wigan.

His owner has obviously got a sense of humour!!!!!!!!??????? as he should have been entered in Veterans!!!!!!!!!!!???????

I wonder what show he qualified at ??????????
I have looked at it in the catalogue, and now am even more confused, I know that my brain hurts at the moment but the bitch was born in 1977 that makes HER 32 I think..............dah...........if you are correct in saying that the mother was Velvet Amber Glory DOB 02.07.1977??????????? Help!!!!
Velvet Amber Glory whelped him in 1977,Amberline Adonis 's date of birth is actually 02.07.1977. It does look like i was giving the date of birth of the dam.Sorry. No it was not an A.I.Litter either. Just a very old junior.!!!!!
Still can't take it in...call me stupid but I can't get my hurting brain around this one 1977!!!!!!!!!!Dah this still isn't computing I thought getting a dog to 15 was good but 30 something..........no can't get my head round that....sorry
Sorry date of birth of Adonis is 02.12.1977 not july as i previously mentioned.I am having a bad day!!!!!!!
You are having a bad day Colett, it said in the catalogue that Adonis was whelped on 02.12 07 not 1977 still can't understand, if 1977 that makes the junior dog.....32 years old ......... dah.......sorry is it me.....I know that I have been having a bad day.....but.....EEEEKKKK.....
Well well well, my initial reaction was.........

''there's something not quite right about this'' and it seems that I'm right although perhaps not in the way I originally thought. I wonder what's going on? It's all a bit weird.
I couldn't agree more. Those were my first thoughts when I had this explained to me, but the person in question didn't seem to think there would be any come back, OR that they had breached any rules, but look how hard the KC can come down on you if you inadvertently put down incorrect details on your entry form, never mind about doing it deliberately. It beggars belief really. Te person did not sell the dog or re-home it, so like you say they could be in for an unwelcome surprise. When I first found out about this my concern was for the person who owned the dog, thinking they should know that someone had fraudulently entered their dog, so was stunned to be told that this wasn't the case and not only did they know all about it, but had instigated it! I don't get the KC Gazette, so you'll have to keep us informed of devlopments Colette.
Best wishes,
How about the owners doing the same thing next year and the exclusively setters get together for 2010 can use his bench as the meeting place venue and we all can drink a toast To Adonis.
Cheers to Adonis!!!




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