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I've just been flicking though my Crufts catalogue, and I've spotted a dog entered who's sire is evidently 34 years old!!!

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Good idea Colette it would give us somewhere to put the 'booze'
Brilliant!! Perhaps I should enter Fergus and see if he can win that 3rd CC!!!! Do you think anyone would notice he was in a casket?
The catalogue says he was whelped on 02.12.07 but he was really whelped on 02.12.77. I wasnt feeling very well at Crufts otherwise i would have had all my absent dogs recorded,however i recorded that there were 3 absent dogs from the junior dog class.I would presume he was absent??????? does anybody know if no 12143 was present .

Dee, that is why i wondered which show he qualified at?????
yes he was absent at Crufts! I marked my catalogue accordingly! I suppose somebody needed a bench for the day!
I've just done a goole search of the name Amberline Adonis, and the first link that came up was to Michelle Websters website. He appears as a relative of her dogs but the owner is listed as a Mrs P Dean, not the Mr T Brown mentioned in the Crufts catalogue.

Maybe Michelle can cast some light on this mystery.
GOOLE search is rite......this makes a mockery of all that ''where did you qualify'' etc if this dog was entered just for a bench, why was the entry not rejected, as this poor animal has been dead for many many years, its nearly as old as me......
It seems the kennel club is already looking into the matter. Fosse data have already returned the entry forms to the kennel club,so they dont have the records.
Well I think this proves that entry qualifications are not checked, at best it may only be a random check. I don't suppose we'll ever find out what went on here. Very weird anyway.
I've just dropped Jeremy Bott an e-mail, something funny for the breed notes.
Not that I have heard Barbara. Jeremy did write a piece in the Our Dogs breed notes, and said at the time that it was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the KC, seemingly to prove that no checks were made regarding Crufts entry qualifications. Not sure of the point of that though!

Must have plenty of money, whoever can afford that sort of prank.
See my entries for April 13th & 14th. I thought I'd explained the thinking behind this.
Yes michelle, you did explain, but what I don't understand, is what was to be gained by the person who did this.

Was it to force the Kennel Club into actualy doing the checks? If so, how will we ever know it worked.

I'm not condoning fraud, and I'm not into breaking rules myself, but does it really matter if a few dogs get to Crufts that didn't qualify? I think we could be in danger of taking it all a bit too seriously. None of this is ''life and death'' After all, if these dogs didn't qualify, they aren't likely to steal any prizes away from the more deserving dogs. (assuming of course that all judging is always honest) and that's what were supposed to believe isn't it?

So I still don't get the point.




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