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Hi Everyone - Several people have mentioned experiencing issues with the site. I have sent two in to Ning Support be worked:

- One member can log in but people can't see her in the search results or respond to her posts.

- There are issues with discussions showing (initial posts) and replies.
I will be curious if this shows.

Both have been sent into Ning support for resolution. If you see any others, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience.


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RSS works again...
also, if you click on the link, it won't take you to the actual reply on a blog/forum, but the beginning. if there is a discussion with LOTS of replies, how on earth would you find the actual one you look for.
so once again: i don't like!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Gene ive had a month of no problems approx but now its started again and i cant get into my page.i was doing a mess just before this and it cut off completley.
Thanks for the replies today. When you reference site changes, I feel foolish because I don't see any major ones. Are you all referring to the 'Latest Activity' section at the very bottom of the page? Hasn't that been there for a couple months? Or are you referring to something else?

You are correct that these are Ning-driven changes. But there are some changes I can make to the main page. I will try to make any that I can.

Please let me know.


Hi Gene!

We are referring to the "Latest Activity" Section, yes. That changed yesterday, not for a couple of month ago.

Regards Kristina
there was a latest activity section before as well. but only like "Laura left a comment on Gene's page" or "Laura replied to a discussion" - where means that it would take you to the exact page/part where the comment was added.
it would not show the whole comment that was made.
hope it is more understandable now.
Thanks for the clarification. I think I understand better now.

I checked what I can control in the back-office. It looks like I can control the TYPE of content (e.g. blogs, photos, etc.) that shows in the 'Latest Activity' section. It does not look like I can control the amount of content that shows for each type of content, which I think is the point of consternation here.

For what it is worth, I did email Ning support and shared our thoughts on the changes. They are usually pretty good about responding either way. I will let you know what they say and if there is any way to roll them back.

Laura - glad RSS is working again.
Susan - sorry about the email issues. I may change the tag line because apparently 'around the world' triggers some spam filters.
Sandra - please message me directly if you are still having issues.
Here's what I got back from Ning:

Thanks for taking the time out to send in your feedback regarding the updated
Latest Activity feature. We appreciate all the feedback and have recently made a
few updates/changes to the feature: http://blog.ning.com/2009/02/the-new-latest-activity-feature-a-quic...

While you cannot revert your network's Latest Activity feed to the old style,
please continue to send in your feedback to us. We are taking the feedback we
hear into account as we refine this feature and I've added your comments.
i just thought id let you know im back into my page today so thats a 7 day stay ive not been able to get on to it.I see what all is on about how the site plan has changed. I dont think i like it either but i can get used to anything.




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