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Quick reminder that we are heading into the season for slugs and snails. In recent years there have been more cases turning up where dogs (especially the youngsters) have managed to ingest these (usually the black ones that elongate acrross the path)


Dogs seem to go fown fairly quickly, some have high temp, dont eat, are very sick and often disorinetated. Vets dont always seem to pick it up as it has a variety of different symptoms.


Most serious cases will sometimes require final tretment for lungworm.

Take care if you are running early morning, early evening that there is nothing in the grass that clings in feathering and then gets accidently eaten.

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I work at my local vets and we have issolated a case of Lungworm just a couple of weeks ago. Yes it is quite serious here in Kent and we are recommending the use of Advocate - a monthly spot on that treats: Lungworm,Fleas,Roundworm (not tapeworm) Hookworm,Whipworms,Heartworm,Biting Lice,Sarcoptes(Fox Mange),Ear Mites and Demodex, it does not treat ticks. It really is important to treat puppies as early as possible,not under 7months of age.(This product can cause problems in Collies, Old English Sheepdogs and related breeds or crossbreeds)
Thanks Linda useful to know about Advocate
Wow thanks for that Linda,never heard of this stuff before, I presume it will be cheaper to buy on the internet than from the vet?
Unfortunately it is a POM - Prescription only medicine, so will need a prescription from Vets to buy on line.Our vets are doing a promotion on it at the moment, buy three pipettes get one free, buy six and get 2 pip free. Because it does roundworms as well, it does work out slightly cheaper than frontline and drontal, but you still need to use Drontal or Droncit for tapeworm.
Agree with Finn's "Argh"; I am currently chanting "Leave" on a regular basis to the bees and wasps that have arrived and will now add snails and slugs to the list.... not spotted any in the garden yet. I had no idea they carried Lungworm so thanks Ossian for putting this on. If I wanted to change spot treatment as we currently use Stronghold can I just switch makes when she is next due?
Yes, its very similar to Stronghold, but just does a few extra things, especially Lungworm. Its monthly the same.
Sorry posted my reply on the next one, yes you can just use Advocate next time.
They do Advocate for Cats too, but cats don't get lungworm. I think you are perhaps thinking of Bob Martin spot on for fleas that has many side effects, especially when people use the dog one on cats, I have known at least 2 cats die as a result of this. The Advocate is in weight sizes, ie Dogs up to 4kgs -. 4 - l0kgs, 10 - 25kgs and 25 - 40 kgs and likewise in cats. Hope this helps.x
I will try and find out what it is called, but I don't think it is Advocate.
We had a really fat cat living with us for a while who was so chubby and old that we would have to cut slugs out of her belly hair every day, and would find baby ones all over the floor in our living room! YUCK.

(Don't get the wrong idea, we weren't purposefully fattening her - after we adopted her she lost 1/3 of her weight and STILL had this problem)




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