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My poor 'little' red pooches...Coming from Australia, they now suffer from sore paws due to snow and salt on the streets.


Who has some cold wheater tips for me? E. g. do your setters wear coats when it's really freezing? What do you do for paw care?


In general, Anton and Gina love the Germany weahter. They love the snow.

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Love this picture...love the socks...

And the ears are even better....made me smile

The one picture shows Bailey in his heavy weather coat. It is rain proof, high visability and has a fleece lining that is detachable. I bought it for $45 but have not seen another one like it. Bailey is in Petsmart in the bird department. I really should have taken a video because he was talking to the birds.

The second pictures is Bailey dressed up to go outside when it was -40 with an added wind chill. You can tell he is definately disgusted but he is patient and tollerant. He makes my laugh with all his facial expressions, he is not discreit, you can definately tell what he is thinking. I love him to death. 


AHH I love the Bailey anti-cold equipment :))) seems really patient but I bet he loves to be toasted (and spoiled :) 




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