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I have two 7 month old ladies.  My vet has said that for their long term health it is better to have them spayed as I do not intend to breed from them - any comments

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May I ask what age the incontinence issue started? and how soon after spaying?   As you know this is our first female IS and so am curious about what future may hold here.  Thanks

we had Cherie desexed at about 6-7 months before her first season. She became incontinent soon after from memory. It was a real pain as she liked to sit on the lounge (sofa) and that caused a few issues also she became quite smelly. I had to buy spray to make her smell nice when guests came. It is a real difficult issue...
Thankyou for the information ....have not seen that issue here with Molly so perhaps we are just lucky with her in that regards (crossing fingers that remains that way).  I can see where that would be a really rough way to live constantly fighting to keep her clean and also the furniture and rugs .
it was a real pain. Molly likes the kennels so not a problem to take her there expensive though. They keep her isolated so therefore it costs more.

Hi, just to tell you that,  just this morning, we received a call from an owner of one of our puppy 'Jane' nine months.

He said :" Jane is dead this morning  while she was to the vet for a spaying " The vet said she had ovary cancer ! !

I am so chocked to hear about that news !

Just want to share that with you !

Oh I am sorry to hear your shockling news as well.  This is not common so please take heart but it is still very very sad.
Oh my God, this is horrible and she was so young!!!! Poor little Jane ... and the owner must be devastated, what an horrible news.
Such a shock to lose such a young setter;o( So sorry for you all!
Thats awful - such a shame.  I once lost a springer who was five and that was bad enough, but nine months - what else can you say
I am so sorry to hear this about IS Jane....and for her owners and all who loved her.




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