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I am trying to fiend more information about the effects of the coat condition when an implant like Suprelorin is used for chemical castration. A friend of my is the owner of a Gordon Setter with epilepsy and behaving problems. Does Suprelorin save the coat? And what's more important, is this drug save to use in epileptic dogs?


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thank you for your reply.

Are there more people on this site who have experience with the Suprelorin implant?
I am not familier with Superlorin implant. How does it work?
Hi Kathie,
I found an article about that: http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/breeding/suprelorin.htm
Thanks for the info it was good reading and will pass it on to several of my friends
I have used it by my Irish Setters and now after 6 months his coat is changing. The same as you would castrate your dog.
I don't know the effects for an epileptic dog.
I know I don't want it again, my dog is also very slow and sleeps a lot after the implant, the vet didn't hear that before so not all the dogs react like this.
Trudie, I have just heard similar from a friend with a Golden Retriever. It took a few weeks for the implant to take effect, then the dog became very slow and lacked energy, not the dog the owner was used to. He also lost interest in his food (and this is a Retriever!!!). Yes, it worked concerning the bitches, but still the owner will not be repeating the treatment.
Yesterday I spoke about this matter with a doctor of the veterinary university in vienna. he would not use suprelorin for a dog with epilepsy, because it stimulates the hypophyse. And it is no good idea to stimulate anything in the brain of an epileptic dog.

thank you very much for your reply.
The owner of the dog is also very happy with this reply. This is the exactly what she wanted to know.
Thanks again, Ulrike!




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