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 ES is not an unfriendly site towards experienced breeders/exhibitors. Members have respect for all people associated with our lovely breed. Judging by the forum posts that are now left it shows not only a thirst for knowledge of our breed but more importantly our dogs that we own or come into contact with. We all seem to be willing to share any experience that might help others on this site. There are ongoing challenges within the setter breeds and people find about them from many sources including ES. Open sources that allow anyone to view the information on offer.

ES is not just about showing/breeding. animal husbandry, training and sharing of research information. It is about the lives we live with our wonderful setters and the joy of sharing those moments. It is sharing the trials and tribulations of owning a setter and asking for advice. Open and kindly meant advice is not judged. Experts and newbie’s advice is all welcomed.

Gene watches over the technical integrity of this site with patience and common sense. A medal is deserved.  "Hot topics" can have our own views and agree to differ on points without any nastiness it just takes commitment of the member involved.  If you would add some more positives about ES I for one would love to read them.

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I agree with Susan - Exclusively Setters is an excellent site

My thoughts exactly Malkie

A positive discussion about ES is just what is needed........well done Rhonda for starting one.


I've enjoyed reading all this and learnt so much again. Thank you all...... Carmel you said you have done well in agility, I would love to know more from someone that has done agility with a setter.

Dianne I have trained one setter to do agility and we competed a good number of times,with some success, but I am not young and fit enough to continue!!! |But I did enjoy it and Megan was a real natural!! Most of my setters will do jumps for me and are very easy to train as long as the recall is good to start with;o))) There is an agility group here on ES and you will find out more there also!!  Its great fun to do with a setter although the competitions are tough when you are up against collies;o)))))

Any and all advice is welcome Carmel! I've sat in on some local agility classes held at our local Vet's facility. I realize, I'll have to wait a couple of years before we get serious, but they have "Puppy Manners Class", "Obedience", "Rally", then "Agility", so we'll be able to stay busy! : )   My sister and Mom want to get involved in agility also, wouldn't it be a blast Dianne?

Thats a lot of fun things to do with your puppy Kimberly;o))

I have been competing in agility for about 15 years. My first Irish won out of what was then known as "starters" and as far as I know she was the first Setter ever to do so.

Since then, one of my current dogs (Tallulah) has gone grade 3 in agility and she and Barkley made the grade 2 finals at the KC International Agility Festival. Barkley could have got to Discover Dogs when he made it to the finals, we were going clear,  but near the end of the course, I almost past out, because I was going into a hypo and ended up taking the wrong jump as my mind went into a total jumble! I was absolutely gutted and I have never been able to bring myself to watch the video which was taken on the day.  I ended up in the first aid tent and almost in hospital !What a day to end up being so unwell !!!! I had worked all year to get him qualified, and the to make the actual finals.  I knew as soon as I made it to the venue that morning that things were totally wrong. I couldn't even get around a simple 1-3 course which was virtually straight up and down with a small twist in the middle without getting lost.  I tried to go for a change of handler so that someone else could take him into the finals, but my friend was also feeling very unwell that day too and didn't feel she was up to it.Other people offered, but on consideration we decided that he didn't know them well enough and may not respond to them, so I did my best.... :-(

Tallulah is now in veterans as she is now 9 1;/2 years old and is hypo thyroid has laryngeal paralysis and some neuropathy. She still enjoys the veterans level of training and the encourage her to keep on going..  Barkley and DaisyMae have had a rest from agility due to my health issues this past year, but once the weather picks up here, and the ground dries out, I have every intention of getting them back out into the ring this coming summer. 

Agility is great fun. However, competition agility really is geared towards Border Collies in the large dog section.  The jumps are place to suit a collie, and the contacts on the dog walk are geared towards the movement of a collie too.  There are ABC classes (anything but collie) but what a joke they are when the dogs who consistently win are herding breeds.... bearded COLLIES.  Australian SHEPHERD dogs and Kelpies. These dogs are all smaller, lighter framed and can turn in the air a lot tighter.   Putting a show type Setter up against these is like trying to run a cob against the best thoroughbred racehorse, or a Labrador racing against a Greyhound.   It is quite difficult for a Setter to get into grade 3, let alone into 4-5-6 and 7. There are a lot of large gun dog people who would like to see gun dog only classes or gun dog only shows but the KC are quite obstructive on these issues, which is not surprising really when everyone on the committees are collie people.   There was such nose turning when the ABC classes appeared on the scene that they demanded collie only classes......I have seen bearded collies and Aus.Shepherds competing in those classes too. Amazing that isn't it.  

Tallulah did well because she is very petite and light framed for an Irish. Barkley is light framed and very long striding, however he spends more time in the air that Tallulah, but he was always quite close to her on the times, and if she was 2nd he would often take 3rd place in a class.  It will be interesting to see what DaisyMae gets up to in her first shows this summer.  I think she has got what it takes to be worthy of grade 3. I don't think she will win out of 3, but it is not off the cards.  She is a fast and powerful little thing.

Fran, perhaps a setter only class;o)))))

Now that would be brilliant.  The class wouldn't take a lot of administration and would be over and done with very quicky.

Carmel.... agility..... that's why I want a little working Setter or a show/working :-D  You see there is a reason for my madness :-D

Yes I could imagine Fia would be great at agility, although my Megan has a slight frame and very quick on her turns!! Fia's mother, Cara also small and high speed!!We dont do slow setters at Clannrua;o))))))

I will be visiting  you one day Carmel  for a future Setter  :-D

Any time Fran;o))




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