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‘She’s far too precious to take out for walks,’ explains Margaret, a 59-year-old retired social worker. ‘That’s not to say she is kept indoors all the time — she has to be kept fit and healthy. She can run around in the back garden for exercise.’

But even the garden has been specially crafted to suit Elizabeth’s status. The vegetable patch and flowers have long gone, replaced instead by paving stones which can be kept scrubbed, bleached and hygienic at all times.
‘She can be walked on grass in the summer, when it is dry and short, but we couldn’t risk twigs and mud getting into her coat. In the house, she sleeps in a special dog crate in the kitchen, where she’s put if ever we are out or busy.
‘We couldn’t have her roaming about freely, in case she had an accident and hurt herself. If she broke a leg falling off a table, or accidentally swallowed something, she’d never show again.


The full article is on  the Pedigree Dogs Exposed blog.

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The 90 comments at the bottom of the article make good reading!


Well I agree with Sue  H,,,,yesterday my  precious   dogs were out on their usual walk, came back  full of  twigs,mud and had waded through some very smelly water, they were de -twigged, bathed  and  today  were entered at ISBC where they looked nice healthy and well muscled,they did have a    3 0 min  gallop round the field this morning as well ,but due to recent dry weather  were not muddy or smelly...I am sure the other  setters  at the show  all went through the same process, mine will be back out on their normal  rant  tomorrow

What does she smell? My boys spend many hours checking out the garden and deciding which plant will be fertilised today. I don't even enjoy the smell of bleach when I have to use it. Poor dog.

I am sorry, in my opinion, this the way you keep plants, not dogs!

Some people just don't realise that ANY BREED of dog needs more than being pampered and you are so right Astrid my Orchids look great.

The Lhasa is a companion dog - in NZ it is in the Non Sporting Group - not a Setter.  Elizabeth's life wouldn't be suitable for neither my Setters, nor myself, and as far as I can see her owners feel the same for her & their other dogs as I do for my hold-digging, rabbit chasing, bird pointing, rolling in dead bodies Setters.  I have friends who have Lhasas, they'd be horrified at the idea of letting their dogs gallop around the riverbed, with gorse/broom bushes everywhere & dead "things" to roll in, like my Setters do!  But they are well exercised in a very large garden with tons of room to gallop, and they do have muscles, as well as those typical Lhasa coats!

And I have to say that I use Pantene on my Setters before a show as well!

Each breed was developed for different reasons - the Lhasa is a companion dog - not a Gundog.


My old neighbour (she moved a few years ago) used show these little dogs quite successfully, she had five males. They were in superb condition.

All her boys were taken for walks everyday to give them mental stimulation and exercise. They also loved a game of chase with the Setters I owned at the time.

These little dogs are as tough as old boots and love to go for walks just like any other breed!

Just because they are from the companion group doen't make them any less canine.  They still deserve to be able to explore the outside world like any other small/medium/large dog the world over.



Torie, I didn't say I agreed with the way Elizabeth is kept.  I wouldn't keep any dog as a hothouse flower.

Doesn't mean they ought to be  kept as trophies though does it?  I know a few Lhasa's here who are regularly out and about enjoying life.  They might not have the stamina of a Setter, but they are certainly active and intelligent little dogs.  I also know plenty of other small companion dogs who are likewise out there racing around which would probably make some old grannies hair curl if they realized that 'precious' was something more than a lap warmer and could actually go for long walks if with an owner with a different take on life.

Thank you for posting Astrid. I don't see the point of capital yelling and bold but hey it takes all types.

I have re read the replies to the post and can not find where some one has said they are against dog shows, let alone everything conneceted with dog shows. I can not find anywhere when someone states they are all knowing. It reads like a gentle discussion until Astid starts getting singled out for personal attacks. I did enjoy reading the experience of other ES members with this breed. Did you?




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