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‘She’s far too precious to take out for walks,’ explains Margaret, a 59-year-old retired social worker. ‘That’s not to say she is kept indoors all the time — she has to be kept fit and healthy. She can run around in the back garden for exercise.’

But even the garden has been specially crafted to suit Elizabeth’s status. The vegetable patch and flowers have long gone, replaced instead by paving stones which can be kept scrubbed, bleached and hygienic at all times.
‘She can be walked on grass in the summer, when it is dry and short, but we couldn’t risk twigs and mud getting into her coat. In the house, she sleeps in a special dog crate in the kitchen, where she’s put if ever we are out or busy.
‘We couldn’t have her roaming about freely, in case she had an accident and hurt herself. If she broke a leg falling off a table, or accidentally swallowed something, she’d never show again.


The full article is on  the Pedigree Dogs Exposed blog.

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This posting has nothing to do with how I feel about dogshows. It is how this dog is kept. In my opinion the dog would prefer to explore the fields instead of the backyard with nothing green in it.

I just looked back at the last time Astrid replied to a post. She was accused of replying inappropriately to the Crufts forum. Several people were adamant that she should have started her own forum. Now she has done this and still we have people saying she should not even start her own forum as she has done. Fair go for Astrid. How come Sue, Lauwers and Wilko did not express disapproval about Greg Brownes forum. That was not about Setters, and if we are so concerned about these dogs who have truly terrible lives why was it not suggested that the money going to CA would be better spent on ways to help these dogs?

You know, one can make a point much more effectively when one stays impersonal. Just address what one wants  to say to the general audience on this list, and avoid adressing individuals. That way its OK to have a different opinion without taking offence or being offensive


Of course , if one has something nice to say, its fine to address another individual personally >))

Margaret I agree with you, let's please stop this needless goading and Rhonda, is it not possible for you to post a comment whithout criticising or telling someone off for expressing a view that doesn't accord with yours.

My personal observations about Astrid's contributions on both this and the Crufts debate are that she is indeed criticising dog shows, people who show their dogs and people who breed show dogs maybe not directly but certainly by insinuation and implication in the material she posts.  Well for every argument against there is an equal and very valid argument for.  It is possible to mention breeds that failed the vet check but by only concentrating on the half a dozen Astrid implies that there is something wrong with all show dogs when in fact the vast majority of breeds were deemed not to require any check whatsoever.

She is perfectly entitled to start this debate but again, she gives only one example of an eccentric lady who keeps her Lhasa in these conditions and who just happens to show, whereas there are plenty of eccentric ladies who keep their pampered pooches in the same conditions who don't show.  You cannot base your whole argument or come to any conclusion on one example alone.  There are plenty of Labs, Retrievers etc. in pet homes who get a walk on a Sunday when the family go for a post lunch stroll and who are confined to the garden for the rest of the week.  We know for a fact that the majority of (certainly) gundog exhibitors run their dogs every day, in all weathers and who would feel guilty if they missed a day, who's life evolves around ensuring their dogs lack for nothing whether it be the best nutrition or the best mental stimulation they can provide.  As Sue said, even a pampered show Lhasa is better off than many of the dogs she sees who have to be rescued from dreadful conditions and the majority of these come from puppy farms and supposedly caring pet homes.  The statistics prove that.

Sorry Margaret.

I just feel that some replies are trying to sum up Astrid and perhaps we should get back to her post without the shouting or debating wether her post is worthy or not. I know my replies were to the forum post before she was under attack for posting.

My boys are not rescue dogs. But as my time as secretary of the Irish Setter Club of Victoria I was able to keep a list of families looking for a Irish and links with other clubs, rescue people and pounds. Approx 18 Irish over a 3 year period were placed with many happy photos of Irish and new families. A few of them in other states. When I receive them now, no longer secretary I forward them on to the new Sec and advise the owner to contact the breeder as well.

'You say the posting has nothing to do with how you feel about dogs shows, but I suspect it very much has a lot to do with how you feel about show people, otherwise you would concentrate on the animals who truly have terrible lives'.

This reply and the other replies seemed to be having a go at Astrid personally and trying to wind her up. I just thought it was unfair given the replies before it started were about the post. 

Off the subject of the post Mel sorry.

Sorry Mel not playing your game.

It was in relation to rescue dogs and my involvement.

I agree Wilko, Astrid has had a very torrid time with her first Irish reading her posts. I imagine having a Show Irish with epilepsy and finding out it was also in the previous 2 generations would make you sensitve to dog health issues. For this reason I would personally not shout at her but be understanding. It is wonderful that you dropped off dog food for the shelters as every little bit does help.

Sue, I know that there are many dogs and other animals that live worse lives! I am very aware of this and not closing my eyes. I do whatever I can against abuse of domestic animals and for wildlife. My first two dogs came from an animal shelter and my cats where all strays.

I have nothing against dog shows or show people. In the past I visited some dog shows but to be honest, it is not my thing. The fact that my first pedigree dog was very sick made me aware of the health problems in pedigree dogs. That is the only reason why I post replies like I did on the other Crufts topic.

Reading through the replies Astrid has not been laying the troubles of the canine world at their door. She has been clear in replying that she is not against show dogs or show people. Breeders replies have included comments that may appear galling but are strangely trying to attach them to Astrid.

"My personal observations'. " I suspect' etc start sentences that do appear galling but they are not Astrids thoughts. I am not jumping down peoples throats but if you want to reply at least express ownership on what you type. 

If observations aren't personal then what are they? I do think Astrid is a big girl and can answer for herself and I am sure she knows better then you or I how she feels. However every extract she has posted (mainly from PDE) has either been critical, detrimental or has poked fun at the world of dog showing. What other conclusion can any one come to. There are many strange and eccentric (that word again) sides to showing dogs but there are also many positive and entertaining aspects, one of them being the many wonderful people you meet who become lifelong friends. Why does a cup always have to be half empty, why cannot it be half full.
Incidentally, isn't the phrase "my personal observations" expressing ownership of what you type? You must stop quoting me Rhonda, you are starting to make me blush.




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