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Titre Blood Analysis for Protective Immunity

Hello Everyone

I've been meaning to add this discussion but life has been too hectic. I have not believed in annual vaccinations of dogs and horses for a very long time. The hard part has been trying to find a vet who will send off a blood sample for a Titre analysis of Distemper and Parvovirus immunity. 

My English Setter, Misty came to me when she was 13 months of age. Her breeder said she was due for her annual vaccination. I did not proceed with this.

Misty attended her yearly cancer checkup with the University of Queensland veterinary hospital in June 2015. I asked that a full blood profile and urinalysis be taken as well as a blood sample sent to the veterinary pathology laboratory in Perth, Western Australia for a Titre immunity test. Misty has not been a well dog. She almost died from cancer last year. Despite this, her Titre result was 1.8 which was well above the recommended level. Her vet wrote: "She has a very good level of protection!".  

Even Hemopet in the USA sends their blood samples to this veterinary pathology laboratory in Perth, Western Australia for Titre testing. It may cost more but it is much healthier for your Setter than being vaccinated annually.

Since my English Setter, Jessie died from kennel cough in 2005 I have never vaccinated my English Setters for kennel cough, and none of my English Setters have ever developed kennel cough since.

Best Wishes from Susan 

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I had to look up what titre testing meant - interesting approach!
But is there something inherently bad about annual vaccinations? I have never heard there is so I'm a bit worried now.
Also, can you indicate the difference in prices between the two? I'm in W.A.

Hi there, I live in the UK and because Jamie has been unwell, he has been diagnosed with IBD I had the titre test as his booster was way overdue. The results came back that he had to have two parts of the vaccine not the whole. So our vet gave him the two parts and we were happy with that. Yes it does cost more but I will do the titre test every year. I did read that once the level of antibodies is enough for protection that stays with them forever. I don't know enough to comment but this was his first booster, he is only 19months old, so I won't know until next year. He does need worming but was advised by the specialist not to give it to him because it affects the stomach. I am seeing a homeopathic vet next week so hopefully he will give alternative to the worming. The homeopathic vet does advocate protecting from disease with homeopathy but I am not sure I would totally trust in that. 




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