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Hello all setter lovers. Could you please help to settle an argument between my partner and me regarding dogs "setters" being allowed to have their head out of the window of a moving vehicle.

My partner insists it would do no harm but I have always shunned the idea and believed it could cause ear ache or canker. I don't mind so much if we are moving very slowly, say in a park or private drive but never at normal road speeds.

Do tell me if I am wrong as Henry loves to put his head out.

I really would like to hear your views.

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I would be worried about things that might go into his eyes, like insects or stones

Although dogs love it I wouldn't let them because Leigh is right and I would add dust to her list.

It is true that dogs should be restrained,I once saw the effect of a  crash when a dog was loose on the rear seat.Both owner and dog died.If the dog had been restrained both would,probably, have survived.


Thank you for your comments.

Henry is always secured on the back seat with a properly fitted seat belt harness (other wise he would be on my lap) but this does allow him to turn around so it is possible for him to reach the window . I agree totally about the dust, insects etc.

Argument settled!!!

Thanks again P&H

Hi there,

I had 3 beasties at one stage, the two young setters go in the back of the landrover under the canvas, the 'old-man' Connor (14) earned the right to travel in comfort in on the back seat as his arthritis was bad. I always secured him with a doggie seatbelt but he wasn't a great traveller and liked a lot of air while in the car. I found this little gadget in a local pet shop and it solved 'head out the window' problems :)  Con was safe inside but still had plenty of air, maybe something like this could help !

Molly here wants the air conditioning on high!  Never head out of a window due to possibility of an eye injury and dangers of stopping and injuring their neck or head.
Hi ...... I only open the rear windows enough for some air .... my daughter seen an awful accident in East Kilbride where a dog fell out .... Ok smaller than our boys but eyes and ears can pick up all sorts .... Tell your partner NO ! x

You better win the argument!

Anton had his head out of the window once, because I did not pay attention and it was so hot. Next day he had weeping eyes - no it is not good. Added to which, it can cause accidents when dogs are not buckled up. If the police had caught us, we would have been up sh...creek.

Where does she say she is a vet Finn? 

I agree I won't let Cash have his head out the window much as he loves it.  I have caught my husband allowing it often and get quite upset about it.  What it is with men!!!!!  And then he acts like "oh I just opened it a block ago" like I won't know any better. 

I would have answered privately Finn but you seem to have "unfriended" me!

There was no aggression in that response at all.   I have no clue what you mean!!!  It was just a question, thought maybe I missed something between the lines.   If Tracy is a vet I sure would love to know since that could be a great wealth of information for us all.

My sister laws dog hit the power button to close the window with her head out of it.  The poor dog panicked and seriously blew it's anal glands all over her new car.  She then learned to lock the power button on it and not allow her dog to do that either. 
It is breakfast time as I read this...........anal glands.............phew!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad that I am laughing at that story?




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