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Hello all setter lovers. Could you please help to settle an argument between my partner and me regarding dogs "setters" being allowed to have their head out of the window of a moving vehicle.

My partner insists it would do no harm but I have always shunned the idea and believed it could cause ear ache or canker. I don't mind so much if we are moving very slowly, say in a park or private drive but never at normal road speeds.

Do tell me if I am wrong as Henry loves to put his head out.

I really would like to hear your views.

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Yes,probably ,but it made me chuckle!

ROFL Sorry Howard!

I think in UK you could be pulled over

Truthfully its highly dangerous. Accident, vehicle side swiping yours.


Like the guy who stuck his head out of the train window to see if they were near the station.........


You just never know whats round the corner.

I would never allow mine to pop there heads open. Ive seen cars with drivers in and dogs running from side to side of the car to get there head out of the window . I would be worried it could cause problems also with there ears .Or no doubt a accident if you had to move quick and the dog being loose could get injured or yourself.. 


Definitely no to this.  Can cause conjunctivitis and risk of foreign body getting in eye.  My Gordon had to have major eye surgery to remove a foreign body embedded in his eye and it wasn't a pleasant experience. 




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