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Hi ! Oberon is a fanatic eater of raw tomatoes: he likes to have some bits everytime I prepare a salad. I recently read they are in the list of poisoning foods for dogs.. never heard this before in 20years of owning dogs, but maybe info were far more limited some time ago.. Does someboby have any clue on this? thanks !!!   

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Thanks Fran! Yes, I know, I am only asking about the potential poison in the fruit itself, i.e. the part that we also eat.. I read this one also can be a problem, but I am not sure about,.

As for the fructose, eh yes, this is the long standing issue of benefits of vegs versus fruits (also for human I mean..).. though in this sense tomatoes are very watery and not certainly as sweet as , for instance, a plum,.. (at least UK tomatoes;) , so i guess the sugar content is not the worse part of the issue..

MC/Tartuffe used to share my muesli in the mornings, but he never ate the raisins - smart boy! He would eat any strawberries off the plant in the garden, but always waited until they were ripe.
The carbohydrate value of a tomato is about 5g but it also has1.5 g of dietary fibre so I can't see a dog (or a human) getting obese on tomatoes!!
My prevoius girl loved tomatoes, she was eating it daily every year during summer (we have a lot of it from our own crops), and she was in a great condition till the end of her days (perfect blood tests, perfect organs as a 13 year old bitch).
Never heard before that it is on a list of poisoning food for dogs...
me too.. Well, I think it has to do with the potential toxicity of tomatina, but this is less and less present when the fruit is ripe..


my understanding is that green/leaves or green fruits are at risk, while the red and ripe fruit is generally safe (unless the dog is very sensitive to it..) Although, even here, some websites way it's safe, some others say it's better to avoid it.. Yes, I also never heard before about the fruit !!
According to my lists the plant is but the fruit isn't.I have just asked my vet and he says that the fruit is safe.
My 3 girls nick them straight from the vines/plants in the green house, have done for years...no probs
thanks a lot! makes lot of sense (unless, of course, a particular dog is very sensitive to tomatina, but it doesnt seem common, looking at the various posts.. actually, it looks as most IS are in mad love the red fruits, he he :)
Hello Silvia,
We had a Collie for fourteen years, who also adored tomatoes. Certainly no difficulties health-wise with her eating them, and our first inkling that she liked them, was when she ate a whole bag in one go (unbeknownst to us at the time!). I have never heard of them being a problem with dogs.
I've been wondering, too. Instructors in our dog club say that tomato juice is actually good to reduce acid, which is supposed to help keep our backyard lawns green. Tried it - doesn't work...
Hi all
I knew about grapes and raisins, did not know about onions. What my girl does tend to try and eat is the yellow flowers from gorse bushes, does anyone know why. She has never had any ill affects from them, but i was just interested if anybody elses dogs did this.
My dogs will eat grapes, raisins and chocolate when they can steal them. Onions, garlic , tomatoes in small quantities in their food
Never had any problems with any of them
Most of these scare stories about foods that allegedly poison dogs seem to originate in the US. I wonder how much of it is a modern trendt owards collective fears about imaginary and none existent threats? But when people share their fear and act on them collectively , it gives insecure people an illusion of security
Global warming is a much bigger example
Now tomatoes :)) What next ?




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