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Micawber won his Silver award for obedience last night, however it was not without it's funny side. He was asked to go to his bed and during the long walk down the hall he looked up to see a large heart shaped silver balloon resting on the ceiling he continued the long walk to his bed with his eyes firmly fixed on the balloon. One of the trainers got a chair and a long handled broom to squash it and let the air out whilst it was still on the ceiling. The examiner found 2 more resting on the ceiling which were duly squashed. Having disposed of the ballons the trainer said 'only Micawber would have realised there were balloons on the ceiling'. He now takes his Gold next week and hopefully he will go on to the Good Citizen award.


Has anyone else got a funny story to tell while their dog was at training classes?


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Methinks Micawber just enjoys his buddies at school.  Hope next four weeks go well for both of you.

Our school is in a par and all the different levels have class at the same time. Fiddich went through levels 1-3 with flying colours but when he got to the advanced stage he suddenly started to run away when doing his re-calls. It was so beautiful to see that you couldn't stay angry and keep yourself from laughing! He would sit perfectly upstraight until my husband calls him. Then he will look around to see who sees him, pick up his lead and run to each and every class to say "hi"! He will run his most beautiful "show-run" as if he is the main attraction of the day. Every class first had to greet him and they could yell at him as they like he wouldn't move until he was greeted properly! My husbnd could chase him then he would just run faster, nothing helped! Luckily we could get him to stop with good treats!




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