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One of the first things she mentions here is rawhide. Over the years I have heard of a number of dogs who have choked, and of two who lost their lives. In fact a vet nurse friend of mine who owns a pet store has a rawhide chew which was removed from a dogs throat to show people that the dangers are.  She also says it affects the digestive system.  One of my old dogs who bloated  - at the time, I remember wondering if eating these had an affect on him.... maybe they did!


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I had a dog who got a blocked intestine from swallowing the 'knot' end of a rawhide chew.

The only chews I now use are Dentastix.

I don't even allow those Howard because of the ingredients.  I only give the safer raw recreational bones, and the bones they have for meals. They occasionally have the fish skins which come from known sources around the UK, not imported from places like China.

I would be wary of imported chews.Years ago we gave our four dogs flat strips from China,they made then ill and we found out they were made from wallboards used in building work! The packs said 'meat flavoured dog chews' . They were meat flavoured and that was all.

Thank you for the informative Link Fran!!

that quite bad...I couldn't open the link but I think I have found the article by googling.
I always hated rawhide and similar chews but oberon get tripe sticks occasionally (hollings..). I dont see they mention those as well so hope they are safe:)

I feed a lot of "natural" chews: ears, rings, tripe sticks etc. My local Poundstretcher does great offers and I see you can order some of the range online, too...




Else Ebay is a great source of supplies... these fish fingers are particular good value for money...


You have to  be careful of some of those chews from pound stretcher,  They come from dubious sources and can be coated in goodness knows what. 

Ebay can be better, look up Barking Bensteads.  Made by someone who is on this forum from time to time :-)  good clean ingredients.

Yes, recognize the name....  ;)  will check out the Benstead goodies on Ebay.


Haven't found the PS brands any different from better known brands such a Hollings but I hear what you are saying.

I agree with you about the Hollings.

I get my dogs fish treats from here:


I will ask Jennie Benstead to post her treats link up here.  I can't find any on Ebay at the moment,  but they have just come back from holiday.

just adding: we buy in internet hollings tripe stiks at 25ish pounds per 2.5kg, which is a much better value for money than the small pack :)

Thanks Fran...nothing on ebay at the moment as have been making treats all week...anyone who is interested can email me on jensoils@blueyonder.co.uk  I will be setting up a Face book page just need to find the time lol...All my treats are human grade all meats are dried in my dehydrator and will last for months (if not eaten first) examples of what I do are..

Dried chicken and carrot training treats with linseed and mint £2.00 40g bag

Dried Chicken and sweet potato training treats £2.00 40g bag

Dried Liver £1.50 40g bag

Dried Chicken and Liver £2.00 40g bag

Lots of different cookies from..

Cheesy bones

Peanut butter

Coconut apple and cinnamon

to name just a few these are all £1,50 60g bag

2lb liver cake (my top seller) is £5.00 and freezes very well larger ones made to order for birthday cakes.

Can also contact me via Face Book Jennie Benstead but I have yet to set up a business page as not allowed to sell on normal page..All my treats are taste tested on my 2 Irish boys Riley and Bracken and my Labradoodle Cassie they love them all.

I have always made their treats as I don't feed any commercial foods and was not intending a business it has just happened through demand....New recipes every week....




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