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It is with enormous sorrow that I write this. I had to put my baby down this morning. Dublin been having bad stomach problems from the potassium bromide he was on that were controlling very nicely his seizures. He has had runny stools for over a week and I saw both our vet and called the neuro about it. They didn't react quickly enough I am afraid to say because he woke today vomitting blood. He was trembling in pain and I rushed him to the vet and insisted they do the pancreatitis blood work. She didn't understand why I insisted on this test FIRST. I know that the drug he was on can cause it. She should have read more! Anyway he did have it and it had caused several ulcers hence the bleeding. He was in so much pain I just died. I ended his suffering earlier than some might think but I knew we couldn't afford all that was needed to be done today alone. Ultrasounds, IV and at least a week in the hospital let alone they had to stop his drugs and then start all over again with newer more expensive human drugs to try to control his seizures. And they said he would probably need surgery for the ulcers. I am pissed that money or lack of it meant he couldn't get a chance to survive but the end result is that he wasn't going to well even if I did have the money. He was suffering and I just couldn't do it anymore. I just didn't have 4 or 5 thousand dollars laying around. My household is devestated and my best friend is gone and I am so empty and I do not know how to go on without him here. He was only two but it felt like he had touched so so many people. Not a dry eye at the vets office and I have no idea how to tell all his friends at the dog park. He was just this huge presence in so many people's lives. My favorite breed, and I am afraid to get another one. But I don't think I can live without one either. Sigh.....sorry if I bummed anyone out. I just needed to vent and let my feelings out.

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Dear Susan,
following my reply to you re: the wee discussion (!) I find that you have only recently lost your beloved Dublin. May I offer my sincere condolences. You did the only thing you could do in your situation, and it was the right thing too. What a lucky dog he was to have you, such a special owner (although I am sure he owned your heart as much as visa versa). You will I suspect have anothe setter in time and you are in my prayers now. What a fantastic idea your wonderful friends in the park have. so kind. Yes don't rush into that puppy, do your research and you will find it all come together. WIth best wishes, Dee, BOnnie and Bronte.
Hi Susan, I lost my last red dog in 2005, and the previous in 2002 - I still haven't got over either loss. I made the mistake of not getting another Irish straight away because I knew I would never find another "Best Friend" like the ones I had lost. Now, so many years later, I regret that I didn't just go out and get another red dog immediately. Not a day goes by that I don't miss having a beautiful, lively Irish loving me. I have learnt that it is "far better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all". It took a while, the pain was so great, but the memories are fantastic, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. I understand only too well how the devil dollar can dictate in these circumstances. Don't beat yourself up over it. You obviously did the very best you could with what you had, and above all that - you loved your baby. How lucky was he. How lucky were you! Thank you for sharing your grief with us. It's a sign of trust. I hope we have not betrayed that honour. Take heart. Have a huge cry, and just keep reminding yourself that your darling boy isn't suffering any more, and that's the most important thing. My heart goes out to you. I look forward to hearing the next chapter, which will no doubt be a happier one. Kind regards, Pam




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