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Urgent ***home needed for setter in Ireland

Hi all,

My friends mother in law has had a setter in less than ideal conditions.....on a chain outside, few walks, left outside. She is not a cruel person but we all know how much setters need their exercise and time with family. Well now she has decided to give him to the pound in a few days. I have been going over and over it in my head, i would love to be able to take him, but we have already have a setter, who because we only have a small garden need to give him loadsa exercise every day to keep him happy. Plus we just don't have the money to take on another one. I am heartbroken. Can anybody help? The dog is based in Co. Armagh....PLEASE PLEASE if anyone is interested in taking him on please let me know asap.


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You must contact Dorothy Park she looks after Setter rescue in Ireland and you should also try to find out who bred the dogafter
I should have said Dorothy has a web page Lestannons and Ladysdale Setters. If you google you will get contact details
Cant get hold of them for a week they are off on holidays :-(
Cant help other than that tho sorry
Contact Trudy Walsh in Dublin. Trudy is on Exclusively Setters, so you can E mail her through the group
there are 2 trudy walshes!!! which one?
TWO Trudy Walsh's????????????????????????????
Now that would be a real nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Caroline, Is it a dog or bitch? How old?
Don't let her give the dog to the Pound. This week we have a full week of Shows and I know that Dorothy is attending them.
I will be coming home after the Show tomorrow and could collect the dog on Monday.
My phone number is 003531 8341537 or 0035386 8322577. I will be here all evening.
Thank goodness this post was breaking my heart and I am so pleased that this setter will be not going to the pound! Hope all gets sorted 
Please keep us all posted on this dogs outcome.......I do hope you get him Trudy! x
I have arranged to collect the dog on Monday. Hopefully all will go well.
Thank you, Trudy and Caroline. I know it is not easy taking in an extra dog to your own even if he is meant for re-homing. Neither is it easy for the dog concerned, but fortunately they tend to adapt well when re-homed with considerate new owners.
Wishing all a happy outcome!




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