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I am looking for a natural Internal Parasite Control

Has any one used Verm-X-Liquid and if so how did they find it.

Or any other herbal remedy.

I am moving away from all unnecessary use of chemicals after reading the affects it can have on our dogs. Scary stuff.


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Somebody I know recommended Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) it can be taken interally for worms and put on the coat for fleas.  I haven't tried it with my guys yet, but people who have seem to think its good, and Dr. Karen Becker who is speaking out against chemical loaded flea/worm applications also suggests it.

Thanks Fran

Thats was one I have read about will look into it more.

Dr Becker is an expert in this field I believe it was something she wrote about the increase in cancer in dogs that made me more aware.

I have a friend who is a pharmacist(also has her own dogs and cats) who also works at our local Horse sanctuary who tells me all the animals( there are lots of different types) are all on herbal remedies no chemical products are used for worming and flea/ ticks treatments they are all clear of both....also a lot of the younger vets are now going down the same track...thats progress...of course there are times that people as well as animals need chemical medication. But I believe prevention is better than cure.....The Bachs remedys can also be amazing for so many aliments in people and animals,I have used on both....I am just trying to see what other alternatives there are.

I wouldnt waste money on herbal remedies for worms, they dont work. Modern wormers are 100% effective. and if you want healthy puppies who grow up into healthy dogs , there is no alternative. I've never had a problem with Drontal Puppy or adult Drontal (or other brands with the same ingredients), just once had a bad reaction to Panacur in a three week old puppy, so havent used it again

if you really want to pursue alternative remedies/preventives for worms , try reading Juliette de Bairacli-Levy's books, going back to the 1940s, but they seem to be attracting a renewed interest in recent years. I have mixed feelings about her writings, some of it makes sense to me, some of it is away with the fairies stuff. I wouldnt take her theories on distemper and how to cure it seriously! Ditto worms and worming

Thanks for that Margaret will have a look.

The yearly boosters I will continue with untill my babies are about 5yrs a Vet once told me once they are over 5 they have built up enough immunity this I have done with all my dogs over the past 30yrs.

I would be to worried not to have their boosters at present distemper and parvo are high risk where we live.


Juliette recommends garlic for worms.  I walk with an English Setter who has raw garlic in his dinner every day.  He has always been worm free and ticks don't seem to attach thenselves to him either.  I was a big fan of Juliette de Bairacli-Levy when I first started showing dogs, I certainly followed her worming regime years ago and found it very good.   It was very much a totall way of life.....if you wanted to persue a nomadic existence!

I feed garlic to my dogs, but still need to worm them regularly as I live in a rabbit infested area, and the rabbits all carry tapeworm

Would that be raw garlic Margaret?  I have always been told that for garlic to be effective it must be raw.  Odourless pills are useless.  I now worm conventionally and also use Drontal for both puppies and adult dogs.  I have never had any problems with it either.

Yes, I use raw garlic. Also use Drontal. And the last couple of years I've been giving  two doses of Ivermectin to pregnant bitches, with another dose after they whelp, to prevent worms in puppies. Its very effective, the puppies are worm free.

You are so right! I tried herbal remedies once and they caused problems.I also tried  Diatomaceous Earth  but it made Fred sick.


Book on order...I also use raw garlic....used to feed to my horse and she would be one of the only horses in the field without flys all over her...

Have just started mine on the Billy no Mates.....smells lovely...could eat it myself lol. Riley did give a funny look and have to mix in his meat but he does eat it....Cassie eats anything without looking at it...

Both mine were wormed only last week with Drontel with luck that will be the last time.....but if all else fails I will use again..

I notice in local paper small ads 'puppies for sale' that they are offered as 'flead and wormed' and I think either the breeders must have infestations of fleas and worms or that buyers demand this - perhaps having bought poorly reared puppies in the past?

A friend, out with her dogs, met a woman with a small puppy and conversation drifted into the puppy going to the vet on an ongoing monthly basis 'to be wormed and flead'.

Is this usual practice these days or did her vet 'see her coming'????




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