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I am looking for a natural Internal Parasite Control

Has any one used Verm-X-Liquid and if so how did they find it.

Or any other herbal remedy.

I am moving away from all unnecessary use of chemicals after reading the affects it can have on our dogs. Scary stuff.


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I do believe a lot of vets treat for the money...over the years I have changed vets because I cant gel with them, I had a good vet who retired and since then I struggle to find one I  trust....

Years ago I went to PDSA after a vet was costing me a fortune and did not seem to have a clue and I just knew something was very wrong. After just one examination and an xray my worse fears were true....yes she had a tumour on her liver and it was advanced....I thought how much longer would the vet have taken my money. It takes me ages to trust....fingers crossed I wont need to go....



There must be a happy medium.......>>


Sue,I believe she is in a tent on Blackpool Pier!


Sorry...couldn't resist it.

Ann......I know someone who's vet does this....Her dog had very itchy skin and I told her it was probably caused by a overload of chemicals in the poor dog's system. She informed me that the vet had also given her something for the dog to treat the itch!!


I believe a lot of vets treat the problem and not the cause...in my mind prevention is better than cure..




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