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Went to the Irish Setter Breeders club show today. Some of you may recall the difficulties I've had with Bess - to the extent the Ring Craft club I go to awarded me the award for the handler with the most perseverence (read most difficult dog)!

Well, I was a bit worried today as they had hot air blowers round the hall which spooked Bess something chronic. One was pointing straight towards the ring, and Bess was eyeing it up very nervously, so my husband and the lovely Catherine Carter (who gave me some helpful tips as well) stood in front of it! Seemed to work as Bess was the best behaved to date.

We didn't get placed, and I did a square instead of a triangle, but she moved on 4 legs albeit not very well.

I think she's calmed down after her season, and responding to me a lot better. So now perhaps i can concentrate on handling her better rather than providing the ringside entertainment. :0)

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I think you are doing well to get that far,hope you are enjoying it.

Thank you!  Yes, I certainly did today, and I came home with a smile on my face! 

and a smile on your face is the most important thing, was at show but did not see you in the ring but if Bess behaved thats a step forward, look forward to seeing that place well done. About time they got rid of the blowers, our dog is not nervy but he really does not like them and they are placed near all the doors.

Hi Trish

I am new to the showing and breeding world and we want to show our 2 pups eventually but like you having a few difficulties at our ring-craft group there are a few pups of various ages mostly younger than ours and they are so well behaved unlike my 2 !! Luckily for me have 2 members who run it who are experienced Setter handlers and  have been showing for a long time.

Well done for your perseverance and well done Bess maybe we will cross paths at some point we could swap stories !

How old is Bess ? my 2 are almost 7 months. 

Good luck :)

Bess is just coming up for 14 months. We've been doing shows since she was six months. You're lucky in that you're trainers know about setters - mine know about showing many breeds, but not setters unfortunately. I've been getting more help from the lovely people I meet at shows. Like you I find most other dogs are far better behaved. :o)

I think the key with setters is keeping calm.

One thing I found was that I used to be very nervous going into the ring as I didn't want to make a fool of myself by doing things wrong. Bess showed me up so much that I lost my worries about making a fool of myself as I normally did! So Bess has helped my nerves.

We'll have to look out for each other at shows.
Hi Trish,
It was nice meeting you yesterday! You know now you can build on what you achieved yesterday! I am sure you will be placed soon! Keep on relaxing and try to enjoy it! I will be watching you! :-)

Keep going team Bess. We will be cheering from Aus.

Thanks Catherine and Rhonda! 

Had a break through this week at ring-craft both took giant leaps forward compared to last week. Mine you there was only my 2 and a 7 month old Visla who is on a similar par to mine.

We have entered our first show the Irish setter of Wales show at Malvern on the 21st so if your there come and say hi we entered in the puppy class and need lots of crossed fingers :)

Malvern's a bit out of the way for me at the moment.  But I wish you all the very best and look forward to knowing how you get on!   My advice is just try to enjoy it and relax - part of my problem was my nerves going down the lead.  But that is very much easier said than done! 

Well done Trish for getting her through it :-D  I took DaisyMae to her first big obedience workshop recently and she freaked out when she saw all the mirrors on the wall. It took a while to get her settled.  Just as we were about to leave, two vacuum cleaners went off. She has never had a problem with mine, but those (one was a Henry) she almost ended up on the ceiling. I am wondering what she will be like next time she goes back there........

I'm not sure Bess would be all that impressed with mirrors either!  And as for vacuum cleaners - as soon as we get ours out she runs to her crate in the utility room (which she slept in as a pup, but is unused nowadays) and hides in there.  It's her 'safe den' and apparently vacuums can't go inside!  Strange dogs! 




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