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The AKC registration asks for a color selection to be made when registering your IS.


The choices include Chestnut, Mahogany and Red...


I'd like to tell them it depends on the amount of light she's currently being exposed to (sun light, lamp light or dusk), if Willow needs a bath or has just taken one :) but unfortunately those aren't options....


So, post a pic and tell me, What Color is Your IS?

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mine are usually black and tan - just the other way round as seen in gordons :)
Sue, do they have any twigs and green stuff also?

Spiky burs too!

ha ha
In Australia we don't have a choice. I hadn't bred for 5 years and vaguely remembered reading something about 'acceptable colours' in the journal. Before I registered the puppies I phoned and was told that Irish Setters are to be registered as CHESTNUT. Oh well...takes out the guesswork!




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