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Ok, I have a confession. I know this will make me feel better.
I am a dog racist. Whew. Do you know that saying," If it's not an Irish Setter, it's just a dog". It's true. I do apologize to you other breed owners but I can't help myself. Is there a dog with more personality. Doubtful I say. We all know the mischief they can get into but what are some of the sweet, cute things they do that make you just love them so much.

Keba makes these little grunty snorty sounds when you rub behind his ears or even when he's getting ready to go out as I put a lead on. It's almost like a cat purring. Sometimes in the house in the evening we can't find Rooker and then we find him sleeping in the strangest places like under the plant stand or the furthest corner. Plus I love it when they are on the floor together trying to eat the others head while moaning and grunting. Well makes up for the times when it's please stop.... or don't.... or no......

Please tell me I'm not alone in my affliction. What does your Irish do.?
(please note that by no means am I excluding the other Setter owners here. Let's have some funn!!)

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Why has no one mentioned LEANING all three of mine lean on you so you nearly fall over, two also reverse into you before leaning, this must be a setter thing !!! I love living in their kennel, snoring, howls, tv blocking, chair stealing, lap huging, and all. Cann`t remember anything my other breeds did so I must also be racist !!

Ah yes, the leaning.  I love the way Bess tries to lean against both me and my other half at the same time!  Mind you, this is not just a setter thing - my old Great Dane was a great leaner but with a 10 stone dog it's not quite so sweet! 


Ah the lean. Beth not fond of the lean.

Oh yes the leaning...you know you're never alone. Most of ours have done it to a degree, but none quite like Copper. He was a real gentleman and a little on the quiet side for a red. In the melee he could be overlooked, but the day we lost him was the day I knew what a big part of our lives he was, and the gap is still there...

Yes Malkie, I had a tap dancer. Forgot that but dogs shouldn't handle guns.

When Barkley is really happy he shouts "Arooooo rooooo rooooo"  I love it when he does this with a ball in his mouth. It sounds so funny.

Tallulah pokes me, or the others and then you can clearly see her laughing.

With Daisy Mae is the groaning noise she makes when she is snuggling down.  Just so sweet.

I feel I'm missing out - Bess isn't vocal at all!  Although she has taken to barking when someone she knows turns up at the door.  She doesn't bother with strangers though.  Somehow I don't think she's going to be much of a guard dog. 

A roooo? Hound dog in the making or he wants to go boating Fran?

Haha, I think he wants to be the captain of the Oxford boat race team, mind you I think he would be shouting a bit more than "aroooooo roooooo rooooo" though ;-)

Finn, Does that high alto break all the glass in your house as well?

You describe it exactly! But can I just point out its Bess that yawns, not me. Lol

I love it as yes I am too,  I have IS but like all Setters like is wrong love. I love their affection their total bonkers behaviour when they want your attention and whilst they are playing. They do drive me slightly mad at times especially when they don't come back to you as something is a little bit more interesting than you !!

Bronte my 4 year old is mad on birds and spends her time looking at the sky bouncing round the garden jumping off all four legs. She hates being called Ginger and the kids wind her up and she barks like mad at them, chasing them.

The puppies oh where do I start Oscar has this thing of sitting on your knee. We go to ring craft classes and the chairs are all pushed to the side and he will try and sit on a chair next to you rather than on the floor. 

When the house phone rings Sky howls along it and quite in tune too !

We went to my sisters one evening as she was having a dinner party and her friends who I do know quite well asked her whether I loved my kids as much as I did my dogs as that's all I talked about all evening. 

I love reading everybodies stories this is a good thread Rob.




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