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This might not be a pleasant topic but some recent health issues just set me to thinking. Not anything too serious but when you reach a certain and I have, you start to wonder about the big picture and many of us here know that aches and pains you'd shake off when you were younger are not so easy any more.

What I'm getting at here is , what provisions if any have you made if something were to happen to you? My boys are a tad over 2y/o. if they were to live the long life that many of my other Reds have, well, that puts me right up there. We've all heard stories of people way younger than where ever you're at that just keel over. In my case, Beth is here but what if it was a major catastrophe where we were both unable to care for them. I have a daughter but she is not in a position to take them nor would she probably want to.

We all have different situations.

Can you make provisions for IS Rescue?.  I guess I don't know. A singer here recently shot her dog before she killed herself. How terribly awful.  So when I was feeling not well last week, the workings of my mind made me start to wonder. Not a pleasant subject I know but I was wondering if anyone has ever given thought to this.

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Thankyou Carmel,looking back on what i wrote has made me very emotional,when i first so Lucy after all that time i just wanted to bundle her into my car and bring her home with what she had gone through,but she has a very good home with Julie and her boys who have been so kind in allowing me to visit now and again and i had her for a week while julie was away last year.So im very lucky she has such a kind and thougtful new owner.

That's lovely Karen, I can only imagine how emotional it would of been. Thank you for sharing lucy's story. Take care x

Life, Death and Taxes, one can be sure of all three, one cannot however avoid the middle one, inevitable in all creatures, except of course the cartoons.

Not crossed my mind before Rob, however, certainly given me some food for thought, should I be thinking about making arrangements at 43?  Ben & Ruby are 6 & 9.

Karen, I enjoyed reading your story with a happy fairytale ending. :) 

Ann, illness or accidents, unfortunately can happen at any age, so its a good idea  to be prepared;o)

Thankyou all for your kind comments,Lucy is now 9 and with Julies agreement,i will be posting a blog shortly about her holiday with us last year.

What a wonderful life's journey Lucy has had, touching so many people with her love. Looking forward to the blog.

What an intresting topic, thanks for posting it and thanks for sharing your very emotional story Karen, I also have had to think about this very thing recently.....my husband and i are going into hospital in April together....we have three beautiful irish boys aged nealy 7yrs, 4yrs and 7 months....the reason we are both going to be in hospital is that my husband is donating one of his kidneys to me. Now...everything should be straightforward and we will be fine but any operation carries a risk and it does make one think a bit!!! none of our family would be able to take on all the boys and much as i would hate to split them up I have told my daughter to firstly get hold of the  breeders. Two have one breeder, who I know would either take Merlin and George back or see that they were well taken care of, the other breeder I am not in such close contact with but feel she would really care about what happened to Harry. Good Health and long life is not guarenteed sadly as I found out just before xmas when a friend died suddenly in her sleep aged 37yrs, amd yes she had a puppy........

I have thought about this topic and called my attorney as well my brother who is a dog lover if he would take my pets I or when something happens to me, my attorney added my Bailey to my will and when I get another one he/she will be as well.  Also the breeders I have talked with have micro-chipped the puppies with their information so if I cannot respond or am not around the breeder will take the dog back at any age.  My pets will be taken care of also a portion of their care monetarily will go with them as well so that I do not leave my pet no money for care.


Good topic

thank you


Very simular to mine Mary, only I have it as any pet I own at the time.... saves updating as and when you have a new pet. My pets come with a trust fund £X each year until they are 15 and any money left at their passing if before 15 goes to The Dog Trust. ( Done this when I was 55.)

Thankyou all very much for your kind comments on Lucys story,there is a little more i hope Julie wont mind me sharing with you but i feel it is important to give the full picture.Julie also takes Lucy to visit the gentleman who Lucy lived with before his stroke at the care home he nows lives and she also has weekly visits to his wife who worships Lucy ( they didnt live together anymore) who is very frail and they cuddle up on the sofa together and fall asleep.Julie really is a very special lady the way she allows and makes time for Lucys previous owners.

Christine,my very best wishes with your up coming operation,i hope my story has not upset and worried you -this is a rare situation that happened with my dad.I very much agree with the way Mary and Angela have already put measures in place.Well done Ladies after all our dogs are just like another family member.  

As you said Rob not a pleasant subject! But I couldn't help adding something I experienced yesterday..... I sadly attended a funeral for a 41 year young woman, she had three Newfoundlands the very love of her life photos of her beloved dogs were printed on her mass and a most magnificent canvas print of her and her dogs at her coffin. I didn't know her well only that she had the one and only pup our daughters girl had given birth to and there was a doggy bond I guess you could say with us and her. The saddest part was that her family couldn't express the real love this young woman had for her beloved dogs left behind. The young boy has gone to a loving home and the two girls went back to the breeder who has had them for 18 months they are 11 and 13.
It's certainly made me think as she was so young to make very sure that my family express my devotion, it was so hard sitting there knowing how much this lady just wanted to be with her dogs at the end :0( I hope nobody minds me telling this story, felt I need to share it with like minded friends :0))
Thanks Dianne




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