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Summer asks for lighter topics, specially when it seems like the world is gone even madder than before, so my girls and I decided to share this little story with all our internet setter friends:


Just when I think there is not anything more one of my girls can do to surprise, they seem to find a new way to knock me off my feet!

The other day we had my sister in law's parents here, and they kindly offered to teach us how to make our own bread, and we were baking it in our brand-new wood-oven. Turns out the oven didn't heat properly and some of the bread didn't bake properly, so someone placed the breads that weren't good on top of the oven, witch is about my height, while we tried to salvage the rest of the breads. 

We all forgot about the bread on top of the oven, and eventually went out to dinner. When we got back, Pitanga rushed to me with a high and proud tail and with something on her mouth, that she dropped on my lap, with the proudest look I had ever seen. My girl had just offered me some bread, and was looking so proud you can only imagine it - it was like she was trying to pay me back for all the times I fed her! She dropped it on my legs and had no intention of getting it back! I thanked her by sharing the bread she gave me with her - she ate the hole thing and we were all amazed looking at her!

We also still can't understand how on earth she got to the breads, but after all she is a setter... =) 


What amazing dogs we are blessed with!

I'd love to read some of your dogs amazing surprises!


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Great story;o)) If that had been any of mine, there would only be some crumbs left, when you returned from dinner;o)) They are so good at jumping too;o)))) Would love to have seen her get the bread!!!!

how sweet of your dogs... "Here, have this thing that we don't want - it's our gift to you for filling the fridge for us!"

Pitanga's though may have been "here, you can have it, it's not properly cooked" but since she was glad to eat it after, that may have not been the case!

 Teresa good idea for something lighter for us......I could write a book about my wild lad Shannon but decided to write about my surprise from Miss Molly this week.   We have just been so pleased to have our first Irish Setter who never , ever borrows food to sample .......but have found  Miss Molly has a different agenda where she sneaks around borrowing socks....and squirrels them away in various places ...she will pull an assortment out to greet you with but then they disappear again.  Laundry room has to be kept shut or every sock in our home would be hidden ...and the same with the dresser drawers.  She does roo with her mouth full of her socks which makes the roo's sound so funny.  This past week for some reason I was cleaning the extra closet....where winter boots are kept and decided to clean the floor...imagine my surprise to find boots full of socks !!  mostly my college age daughters.  I have quietly washed all those socks and have been waiting to see if she goes looking for them in the closet.  She never chews the socks....just carries them places to hide ...so we have given her a few "legal " ones to borrow that all have a knot in them....I just accidently drop those and leave a trail when I am heading down to do laundry and she follows along picking them up and abscounding with them to hide before I ask for them back.  My males never hid anything so having Molly hiding socks, her borrowed tea towel and her bones just makes us smile here....never know where you will find what so it is like a treasure hunt .
she is a cute one Sherry
Thanks Eunice....afraid she is spoiled and wee bit bossy but she sure keeps us laughing here. Now go get Baby Molly home so you can spoil her today ( even though I am in yesterday still here)

yes they just phoned and I am still waiting to collect her.


Great story! They are just so full of surprises... Everyday becomes an adventure with a setter! 

We should all find a way to write a book of our dogs adventures and surprises, I'm sure i'd be a best seller!

wondering if the cat knew something about that fish and was trying to tell you to sleep with it rather than eat it? 

Hi Teresa


What a lovely story I remember my  first IS Paddy did something similar.  I took some stewing meat out of the freezer for our dinner and left it on the hob to defrost (as it was winter).  When I went back to the kitchen about 10 mins later I couldn't find it and wondered what had happened to it then I looked closely at the plate and saw some ginger hairs on it and Paddy was licking his paws!  Another time we cooked roast lamb and left it to rest in the dining room luckily  Iwent straight back into the room Paddy had his paws on the table and was just about to reach out and grab the leg of lamb.  He did get some with his dinner later though!!

My Shannon was my meat borrower........best one was he stole a roast at my Mom's before she cooked it.........chewed on one end so then my Mom just cut that part off and washed it, cooked it and served it to the men .......Mom and I could not eat any and had a terrible time to not laugh. 

how nice to have some light hearted stuff on this site. Many years ago our first IS was found unwrapping easter eggs on our bed and eating them also. That was before we new I guess chocolate was a no no. She enjoyed until we found her and took the contents away. I think we have all lost the roast dinner or steak. And they are so sly about it

Same setter ate figs from the tree and anchoveries and went into the bushes to be sick. Think I have spelt it incorrectly. Same dog swam across Pittwater large area of water and back to where there was power boats. Bit scary.

Hi Eunice, been to Pittwater and it is a very large area of water it must've been so scary So pleased this is a lighthearted forum just what we need. We lost 75% of our dinner to Micawber on Saturday evening, I had just sliced 2 large corn fed chicken breasts, turned to put some stir fry oil in the pan on the cooker went back to the cutting board only to find very little chicken and 1 rather sheepish boy licking his lips.Fortunately he'd already eaten otherwise we wouldn't have had any chicken left. Looking back we can laugh although it wasn't too funny at the time.  




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