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Hi Loma,
Thanks for the invite to this group. I'm sure I will have alot to discuss seeing that I've incorporated British Bred Irish X American Bred Irish with what I deem with quite a big success in the show ring.More later!

Rosemary Kerr

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Thanks for joining us. I've seen pictures of your Irish and they are nice. I like the blending of the different countries as I'm not a big fan of really tight breedings. I'm afraid that could be the problem with some of the health issues we're getting.

Not good to box yourself in a corner. Loma
Thanks Loma for the lovely compliment.I am and always will believe that the blending of UK bred Irish and the USA bred Irish can benefit both sides of the big pond.Proceeding with my breeding program here in the USA I knew that the pedigree behind my UK foundation bitch "Megan" Erinade Exclusive was VERY closely lined Bred.When looking for a USA stud dog, it was my personal opinion who ever I chose as a stud dog he would also need to be closely line bred because of the outcross breeding.3 genererations later I have been able to retain the following from the UK bred Irish which I did not want to lose:
Sweet temperament
Heads to die for with balance,depth of muzzle
Nice reach and lovely arch of neck
Great fronts
Depth of chest
Balanced forefronts to rear angulations
Strong toplines
Dark pigmentation (Coats and Eyes)
Nice tight and arched cat like feet

What my breeding program has gained from the USA Bred Irish:
More coat
Increased Movement Factor ( My UK bred Irish were all good movers and incorporating the USA bred lines has solidified this)
Improvement of tail set

And to Date what I think is all important is health. When dealing with pedigrees and genetics of which I am no expert, I am very aware that health problems could rear up at any time and do believe that no matter how much homework and research (depends on the honesty of other Breeders) goes into a breeding program it is still very much a gamble.

I am very fortunate at this time with my friendship with Georgianne Carney (Dancin' Irish Setters) who has the ability to work with and understand Co-I breeding factor. It is very interesting and I still have much to learn.

I am not adverse to line breeding but again it is my personal opinion believe occasional outcross breeding is necessary to retain the healthy gene factor.

Now if I can only get the USA judges to understand good lay of shoulders,good fronts and depth of chest, true movement going and coming (alot of USA judges are only concerned with side movement) maybe, just maybe they will appreciate what is correct?


Hi Loma and all,
Thanks to Loma for inviting me to join this group. Living in Alaska has it's own unique set of challanges, but also means limited contact with other Irish owners, so this gives me a chance to have access to information, etc that I would not have had otherwise. In the "blending" arena, I'm delighted to say that I have one of Georgianne Carney's girls from the combination of Rosemary's British lines and George's American lines. I'm really looking forward to being able to plug into more Irish owners in the "lower 48".
I think its interesting the blending in of the other countries Irish Setters in to what is here in the States. There is no reason for people to object. Each has value, each has a important trait that can help to keep the lines strong.

I wonder how many generations it takes for a fault to be corrected, if it can be. I've heard over the years that its harder to fix the chest than the head? I don't know, I'm seeing a lot of bad heads lately. No stops, just a slope.

Any thoughts you guys?





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