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I own , now for over 25 years setters , starting with a Iris setter i soon wanted a friend for my Irish , looking in several books and at dog shows i soon decided that i had to be a Gordon Setter , his looks , his character , the strong body , it all was just what i was looking for , and now we are still totally in love with this breed , but also the Irish still has a soft spot in my heart , they are two totally different types but also so much alike.

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I do not have a Gordon Setter but I am a fan of Pelle and offcours Beer too.
Beautifull lovely dogs.
The Irish Setter is my favorite breed.
But have a weeknes for the Gordon Setter.
thanks Harriet
thanks to share this with us , Marcella , hopefully Shanna still has left some quality time with you and your parents
Hi Yvonne,

We also love's the gordon setter we now have almost for 2 years a gordon Hitam, our search for a setter began with the irish setter.
Edwin knows the irish setter and wanted me to learn more about this type of dogs.
We new that we wanted a dog but didn't know that it happend so quickly. After visit a forum and settershows
we soon decided it had too be a gordon setter and so now almost 2 years later we have so much fun and we are so happy to be the proud owners of Hitam our gordon setter.
The irish setter has still a place in our hearts and if it was possible with my health we had more setters in our
life, but who nows what the future will bring us.
But we can enjoy so much more setters true knowing friends with irish en gordon setters.
I had Cockers all my life and my wishes for a gordon setter became bigger and bigger. So ten years ago the big day came, my first gordon setter came into my life, the best decision ever!!! This breed is my dog, totally and in everything. Everything that i want in a dog, i find in the gordon setter. I love living and working with them.
Before my first Gordon we had a Heidewachtel, which is also a gundog. I wanted to get a companion for her and when my parents finally agreed (I was 15 then) I started to do some research. We all agreed that it had to be a gundog again, just because we love their charakter. In a book I found a picture of a Gordon and I completely fell in love with this breed. I like big, strong dogs, which are loyal but also have a mind on their own. And so we started to do some research, buying dog magazines and starting to call breeders.
I wasn't very succesfull in the beginning and when I decided that this was the last breeder I would call, finally I got some good news. The kennel "van 't Blockhuys" had pups available and so we went their to have a look.
That's how I met our eldest Gordon Setter Hades, he was the pup that came up to me and sat on my foot and wouldn't move anymore. I completely fell in love with that dog and he still is my bestfriend. I have thought about getting other breeds but by the end of the day I will always go for the Gordon Setter, it's an addiction!!
I had my first Gordon Setter 20 years ago, I was still living with my parents at that time, when I got married she came with me and my husband. She was my friend for 15 years !!!!!!!
Now we have 2 male Gordon Setters, Dunga and Skip (they are both family of Yvonne's Gordon Setters, we keep it in the family)
I wouldn't have another breed, it's just the Gordon Setter for me and Jil, a really nice character and lovely to see.
I do not know why did I decided for a Gordon. I saw him once and i knew he is a dog I want. I like the way he look - stong but ellegant. He is quite a big dog, but not large, he is smart (some times more than I), and I can do almost everything wit him.

I have a Gordon Setter named Belle and I love her dearly. She can be trying at times, like taking silverware from the sink and licking any dishes that need licking clean. She is the queen bee at my home and tells all my other dogs what to do constantly.  I have fallen in love with this breed and have a very very big soft spot for them in my heart. I have only had her 8 years and hope to have her a lot longer. I have also had Irish Setters my recent one Montana passed away the day after Christmas of 2010 and was the light of my life. I am in love with all Setters. So I raise a glass to anyone who owns a Setter!




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