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I was just wondering how much you all pay per month to feed your dogs raw - whether DIY or pre-made?

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Dear Charlotte,

We paid anything between R800 - R1100 (about €80 - €1100) for our 2 Setters and 2 Scotties. Here in South Africa we have only one supplier of pre-made food (but there wasn't a gluten or grain free version so we couldn't feed it to our male who is gluten intolerant) and we worked out it would be around €120 for the 4 dogs.

Beef isn't that expensive here and we could get a cheaper variety of mince, mixed with lungs for around R24/kg and the veggies ranged from R150 - R200 for a month - 6 weeks.

Compared to Hills, Royal Canin and other vet sold food, it worked out much cheaper as only the male's food on e.g. Hills ZD would be around the same price! We did however locate a cheaper health food (not raw but no perservatives etc.) that is new here so I think the price is still rather low! That works us out cheaper than the DIY raw diet.

DIY is alot cheaper than pre-made. I can get 4.5kg of beef chunks or mince for £8 which would do 2 days for 3- 4 dogs. A lambs heart would be €0.50 fresh from the butchers. 

It can cost us anything between €50-€70 a week depending on what we feed. The cost starts adding up when you've more than 1-2 dogs to feed. 


Hi Charlotte currently spending £120 per order it's supposed to be a month's supply based on just over 1000gms per day but i usually make it last for about six weeks.  It is expensive but then the amount per day will go down next month because of Murfee's age/weight (this is what the company bases it on).  I have been very pleased with this firm, Honey's they have been very helpful giving lots of advice (have a look on their website) but as mentioned in earlier posting Murfee prefers meaty bones.  If you've got a local butcher go and have a word with him I'm sure he'd be glad to supply you with oxtails, hearts,livers beef chunks rabbits chicken game or their is a firm called Landywoods (i think that's what its called).  They supply human grade meat for pets.  This supplier was recommended to me by an Irish Setter breeder who has been ordering from them for years.  Go on Charlotte go for it even if it is a bit more expensive at first think of the money you'll save on vets bills ! 




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