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I said the whole winter - no pups this year! I want to show my youngsters this summer so no litter... And when Lisa had her season in Marsh it was easy to remember not to mate but... then allready in May the decition was forgotten!!!

So now I got baby-smell in the house again! It´s hard to describe the sweetness of pups - but for me it´s the best thing in the world! It´s the smallest litter for me ever - only three! And Smilla ,the mum, is a fantastic parent with plenty of milk - so no job for me other than serving Smilla and do the cleaning. BUT I get nothing done at all!!! I just sit on the floor looking in the puppybox and enjoy the small wounders!!!

Actually I am quite buzy - I had to move to our summerhouse and clean out the apartment. The handcrafters will start working in August so it´s a lot to do! Allthough - what can be more important than watshing pups grow?

It is one boy and two girls. First the big girl was born - that´s Sally. Then the boy - Harry. The names are from my favourite movie When Harry met Sally. After a while the smaller girl was borne - but we don´t know what to call her yet. Mybe Milli or Molly?

Enjoy the summer, take care and give the dogs a big hug!


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Comment by Lena on August 1, 2007 at 1:57am
I do agree - the smell of the little babies is like nothing else. Can hardly wait to have our own little ones in a few weeks!!!
I suggest you call her Molly!
All the best, Lena
Comment by Carina Eriksson on August 3, 2007 at 4:52am
Tack Lena - Molly blir det nog... Och lycka till med valparna - hoppas du får fler än Smilla!!! Intressant kombination dessutom har du fått till!


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