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OK, now we are all out... on the dark country side!!! I think a lot would say "If you living on a small island in the middle of Eastern Sea - could you be even more isolated... " YES! Absolutely!!! In a cottage from beginning of 1910:th, without TV, shower, washingmashine... You name it!

But what we have is pice. Long light nights and quiet mornings. No neighburs having partys. No ferrys or turists. I allready get use to a slower lifestyle!!! I read instead of watching TV and the radio is good enough keeping me update on the news.

The dogs think the comfort is poor... Where is the leathersoffas they usually sleep in? But Mikael Eriksson really enjoys the life on the countryside! He is the king - just nosing arround, watch the whole world from his hill... He owns everything he looks at and it´s hard to get him inside at night... He wokes up 5 in the morning and had to go out. Just to see him pee in every corner is fantastic. I imagine Mikael will never move in to town again - he is a country boy... Kajsa got a new, exclusive blue bed that she sleeps in - when she is not under the roses...

And now the weather will be real summer! Close 30 degrees they said this morning - so it is the right time for us to be countrycitizens!

Keep your finger crossed that we got new floors in the apartment before it start to snow!!!

Have a nice day, enjoy your dogwalks and give your dogs a big hug!


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