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In Kerry Blue-special shows it´s a class that you don´t have to trim/cut your dog. It´s the "Come as you are- class". I think it could be a good idea for IRS-clubs to have the same. Or a special class for us living without bath-class. Or special class for those who only let your dogs bath in Eastern Sea-class...

Because now the shows popping up again - and we don´t have a bathroom yet!!! Interesting problem and mybe not many will be in "Dirty Dog Class" - so we got a small chanse to win!? Probably not many want to stand with us at ringside so the problem has to get solved.

The pups grow

and are wild! Three weeks and owns the world!!!

Very charming - with a mum that thinks they are worth their weight in gold!

They start to be woken a bit now and then. But mainly they eat and sleep, eat and sleep, eat... And they change so much nearly every day! I had to say three pups are not much to clean after... Very easy with a supermum like Smilla!

Have a nice weekend,


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Comment by Kati Mäkelä on August 17, 2007 at 11:24am
OOoh pups are so so sweet!!
Hugs and kisses to Molly, Harry and Sally :o)

We wish you a happy and warm autumn!!

Comment by Carina Eriksson on August 21, 2007 at 9:25am
Thank you Kati - pups are allways sweet....


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