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My bitchy is a big 2 year old girl today :) Happy birthday to my princess, Maia, and to all the "Magic" litter! And thank you to Carmel from Shadowvale for my lovely, happy girl.

Maia's favourite things, as a 2 year old, include:

- gardening
- destroying her bedding and anyone else's bedding
- escaping (sound familiar, Carmel? Remember how she used to run away when you went to put her in the puppy run?)
- stealing plastic weights from the vertical blinds and chewing them up for mummy to find when she comes home from work...
- snuggles with mummy (although usually not until some time after mummy sees what her house looks like when she comes home from work)
- rough 'n tumble games with daddy
- playing "rocket chicken" with Fionni every night - and especially playing 'keepy-off' with Fionni, who loses every time
- biting Zep's paws while he's sleeping (or walking, or standing still)
- food, food and more food!

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Comment by Sharyn Latchford on September 5, 2008 at 11:29pm
Happy Birthday cute girl



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