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Private Auction from Harris Collection

I am cross-posting this for a friend of mine. If you are interested in any of these items please send your bid via email to Glenna O'dell at coolmeadowirish@charter.net

For what it is worth, my last name is Harris but I am not related to Del nor have I met the man.

The following items are open for bidding immediately. Bidding will close at 9 pm (CDT) on Saturday, August 25, 2007. Items not receiving a bid will be held until a later time.
Winning bidders will be expected to pay all shipping costs involved. However, I'm very willing to hold items if you are coming for the September Specialty shows. (ISC of Texas & ISC Fort Worth) Those of you coming for Ann Marie's grooming seminar on the 25th are more than welcome to stop by and see these items and also the next group for auction (to be closing on Sept. 22)

Photos of the items can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/11408592@N08/ I apologize for their being in backwards order... a funky program is to blame.

Permission to crosspost to other interested parties is freely given. Please let me know if you wish to be deleted from the list for updating bids.

All proceeds from this auction will be going to Del Harris (the collector...now retired).

PLATES: Unframed Minimum bid: $30. Framed: Minimum bid $40 unless otherwise noted. Frames are of faux walnut wood..of good quality.

#1 Irish Setter head in relief. by WA Les... made in Japan no frame.
#3 Missing the Point Irish Setter puppy. 1988. 1227A Octagonal frame.
#4 Catching the Scent. Franklin Mint. 2 Irish in field. by Elizabeth M Huhybud. HA 1407
#5 Irish Head Study. by Monica Heller-Cole. no frame
#6 Kaiser porcelain. 8th edition. Bird Dog series. Irish Setter by John Francis. 22G of 15, 000. Round frame.
#7 Hunting Irish with fowl in mouth. Round frame.
#8 Mother with puppies by Christie. #'d 1962A. Octagonal frame.
#9 Irish Head Study. Dogs Collections. Setter. Round frame.
#10 PDiment stacked Irish. Octagonal frame. Minimum bid $75.00

#2 Metal tray with Springer Spaniel 13 x 17 1/2" Minimum bid $10
#11 Irish Setter with fowl in mouth (matching #7) ceramic ash tray 7" in diameter. Minimum bid $10
#12 Carved Wooden Cork Screw ..product of Italy HERZ ...very nice!! Minimum bid $50
#13 Ceramic Irish on point ... a soda bottle opener Minimum bid $20
#14 Cloth cap with Irish on top. by Air Waves. good condition. Minimum bid $5
#15 Irish Setter glass Dog on one side, description on other. Minimum bid $5
#16 Irish Setter on large white ceramic mug. Minimum bid $5
#17 Beam's choice decanter. Minimum bid $5
#18 Metal coasters in a tin. 2 Irish, 2 English, 2 English Springers. by Giordano Art Limited. NYC Licensee Enesco. 1986. Minimum bid $10

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