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Another update on Pitanga + a gold star to Romã

Pitanga is now recovering very fast - she has decided to make my coleagues and theacher's lives a living hell and tries to bite them whenever its injection time! I have to be there if they want to do it with no fuss. She is tired f living in the hospital, is tired of her IV and misses her long runs now that her fever is gone. We have now taken a total of 80 ml of pus from her abcess and there is a lot more to come!

And now, I must make a long note about poor Romã, who I forgot about this week. My poor litle girl has been living with me tiptoeing around me and making sure I'm OK. Her last decent long walk was last monday, and it was only today I realised it and went for a run with her. She did not complain about me forgeting her walks once! I actually had to put a phone reminder to feed her at night, because I fed her two hours late twice - again, no complains about the long hours in her kennel or the late feeding time. I could see how sad she was the hole time, and that she could sense how upset I was, but she forgot about her the whole week, and made it about me and her mum.

She also found a way to make sure her mum was doing OK and cheered her up in their little walks together, went for long quiet naps togheter with Pitanga when she was feeling worse, and insisted on visiting her at least twice everyday. No matter how glad and excited she was to see her mum, she never jumped on her or did anything that would hurt Pitanga.

Once again, she quietly showed me that she is an outsanding girl, and that I keep underestimating how great she is. She is a sensitive, obedient, loyal and humble friend and even tough I just noticed it now, she made a terrible week a lot more bareble. She has been so amazing that today she got a very deserved long walk, a big chew bone and an extra dose of cuddles, just for being so great. And to top it off, at a time when her mum has been the center of atentions, a very big mention in as ES post!

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Comment by Rhonda Fisher on June 25, 2012 at 6:30am

Well done Pitanga it sounds like you are startng to get fighting fit. A liitle more patience though for a short time. Teresa, Roma sounds such an angel. So intune with what you are going through. Hugs to both.

Comment by Chantal McIlveen-Wright on June 25, 2012 at 8:06am

Aren't those girls fabulous!!!  very happy to hear that Pitanga is getting better, and a very big hug to fantastic Roma for being such a wonderful companion


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