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At 4:05pm on October 8, 2009, Kirsty williamson said…
Love your music on your page the first track is lovely where did you comr across it and the artist?
At 2:30pm on October 26, 2009, Dena Abbott said…

Thanks for the comments, I still cant beleive it.

At 9:56am on November 10, 2009, Elaine Gratton said…
hi lynn hope fizz is doing ok thinking of you
At 10:27am on November 23, 2009, Deb Bouttell said…
Thanks so much for your congrats, we were all sooo pleased!
At 9:58am on December 23, 2009, Lynne Murray Hogsflesh said…
Oh bless Barb, he looks so like his Mum 'Katie Cuddles' I can't believe it. I will try desperately to get Autumn, Erin, Fizz & Brits to stand still long enough to have a photo taken & post it on the site...wish me luck!
Hope you & the boys have s super Christmas & that Santa is good to all of you. Much love as always from Chris, Gavin & I, xxxxxx
At 6:39am on January 5, 2010, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Sorry to hear you are laid-up, Lynne.Get better vey soon. At least you have ES though. Just imagine how bored you would have been otherwise!
Thankyou for your very sweet comments. I am really touched.
How nice are some of you on ES! It has been a pleasure to come on to this site.
Best Wishes
At 3:45am on January 6, 2010, Dee Rance said…
I thought that Fin would stop the chewing when he got all his adult teeth, well he has all of them BUT the chewing still goes on, perhaps its because he still hasn't lost the puppy eye teeth they are still firmly stuck in his jaw. Give it a little more time and then perhaps have to do something about it, or he will cost me a fortune. Your baby looks lovely All the best Dee and the gang
At 3:58pm on January 6, 2010, McBIRDY - Jean DUHANT said…
Thanks Lynne for your explanations !
So !
So lang may yer luna reek Lynne !!
Wish you the best for 2010 !
All the "mcbirdy" gang
At 4:06pm on January 6, 2010, McBIRDY - Jean DUHANT said…
Thanks Lynne for your explanations !
Lang may yer lum reek , Lynne !
Wish you all the best for 2010!
The "mcbirdy" gang
At 4:58am on January 7, 2010, Annika Liikanen said…
Hello Lynne!
Exiting time waiting puppies, hope everything goes well and you got lot of healthy puppies.
Do you have any photos of your Brits?
Let me know when puppies arrive.
Greetings Annika
At 11:00am on January 14, 2010, Laura Kolbach said…
thanks for your comment, Lynne. i love that picture, but it is not professional enough, bad light, no real sharpness :-) i know, i am too critical... the pup just turned 5 years yesterday!
At 11:02am on January 14, 2010, Laura Kolbach said…
btw, the photo is also on my gallery, uploaded 2,5 years ago :-) http://irishsetters.ning.com/photo/865021:Photo:5749?context=album&albumId=865021%3AAlbum%3A14454
At 10:11am on January 31, 2010, Alicia Ferrón Vidán said…
Congragulations for your new puppies. Best Regards. Alicia
At 4:21pm on February 1, 2010, Louise Perry said…
Thank you for the ribbon little sister. Love Reuben xxx
At 4:14am on February 21, 2010, Ro Cox said…
Thanks Lynne - you've got your hands full with babies - it is fingers crossed that it has been a fruitful trip to Belgium
We got stopped by the French Police at one of the toll booths onthe way back - they were pulling over loads of people and asking questions - so what does one say when asked what have you been doing in Belgium - mating my dog I repy - they looked at each other and went 'ahh hump hump?' and i said yes hump hump !! i was waved on leaving them laughing!!!

looking forward to catching up with you at Crufts
love RO
At 3:33am on February 22, 2010, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Lynne thanks for the comment on Findlay, greatly received. And would you like him, I had forgotten what this stage is like....Oh let it be over soon, although saying that with his mum and dad I am going to have to put up with this 'stage' for many years to come. Oh Joy!!!! Thanks again Dee and the gang
ps love the choice of music...;o))
At 1:04pm on February 24, 2010, Dawn Riddell said…
Thankyou so much for your support. Losing Bailey is so hard, he was a brilliant dog, my best, most special friend.

Dawn R.
At 7:45am on March 8, 2010, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Lynne
You said it..I have to keep pinching myself, these puppies have hit the ground running, such fantastic results. I just can't believe that I have breed such a wonderful litter, Mum and Dad are the greatest, and obviously a wonderful combination...I am so lucky and so so very proud of them and their great owners...
Thanks for the comment Dee and the gang
At 12:10pm on March 8, 2010, sammi pease said…
Thanks Lynne......nothing quite as nice as doggies snuggled up by the fire is there..? Oh, and the wine, that goes without saying....:-)) When are your lovely puppies leaving home ?
At 3:48am on March 19, 2010, Angela Roberts said…
Sometimes the puppies new homes seem so nice I wouldn't mind going with them! Wishing them all well.

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