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At 7:44am on August 8, 2009, ursula wilby said…
No wonder I have 12 years between my two children! (And to the day as well, both born on the 12th of june)

I felt I was NEVER getting any sleep at all, and then people tell you it gets worse...HA!
Something to look forward to is when they become teenagers...:-) But even that passes...and mine are now quite sensible and well-behaved. (Never thought I would see the day :-)

I have a friend that had twins and that WAS something else! She was so funny...telling me she would strangle the next old lady that peeped in to her pram and said: "Oh TWO! You are so lucky!"
One would constantly wake the other...
I think we are only designed to cope with one at a time (and in my case...12 years appart).
At 8:35am on August 28, 2009, ursula wilby said…
Oh I am an expert at forgetting birthdays...including my own! :-)
At 6:41pm on August 30, 2009, Cheryl Gorey said…
Hi Melinda
Lovely pic of your little girl. Sounds like everything is going well for you now.
cheers &:-)
At 7:28pm on August 30, 2009, Cheryl Gorey said…
Yes, they do have those times, don't they!? I know with my boys, some days they just wanted to feed all day - only thing that soothed them! Hope she settles now and you can get some rest.
At 12:41pm on September 1, 2009, Marta Galuszka said…
Can imagine that you know how she feels:)
Lovely girl you have!
At 4:48am on September 15, 2009, Marina Scott said…
Hi Melinda. I'm a bit slow with keeping up with these networking things!
At 6:46am on October 26, 2009, Charlotte Godart - Riverwood said…
Hi Melinda,
Yes I can said that she is the true Dooley's daughter ! ! !
I always look if she is a chickadee's daughter, probably yes but . . . where ??? ;-)
At 12:29pm on October 28, 2009, Marta Galuszka said…
Hello Melinda,
Thank you for your nice comment on my pups:)
At 9:04am on October 30, 2009, Susan Stone said…
Hi Melinda,
how's life down under? Is Niamh up to real mischief yet???
Thanks for the comment, it may well become part of my Coppersheen calender 2010...
all the best
At 12:18am on November 3, 2009, Carmel Stringfellow said…
Hi Melinda,
how are you and the new baby? Sophy, Maia's Mum was ultrasounded yesterday and the vet saw 5 puppies, probably more as she is only 3 weeks and 1 day. The dad is Silvagem First Edition (Imp. UK). I will post photos when they are born.
At 6:31am on November 3, 2009, Agnieszka Rola said…
Hi Melinda,
thanks for your lovely comments on my photos, I'm glad you like my boy :)
warm greetings to you and your family, specially to your sweet daughter - Niamh!
Agnieszka & Conner
At 5:09am on November 10, 2009, ursula wilby said…
Thank you for the comment Melinda! The worst part was having to wait ALL day!!!!!!!!!!!
This mornings long walk on the beach was far better...:-)
At 9:28am on November 17, 2009, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Thankyou, Melinda. Yes, the highs and lows, heh? I thought we were finishing the year, at last on a high note....thinking positively, we were lucky enough to have so many wonderful years with Bumble. Old Father Time has sadly caught up. She has been one in a million, and we have so many happy memories to laugh over.I like to think that she, like all the others, will quietly stay by our sides.
At 12:58pm on December 13, 2009, ursula wilby said…
Hello Melinda and thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog about Ivy. A great horse and a much missed family member. And yes, its good to at least have her daughter left.
At 11:43pm on December 17, 2009, Jacky said…
Hi Melinda
Brodie is Seamus's father, but I'm not sure of his mother. We got him from Carmel over a year ago, & he was 2 in November this year.
At 9:44pm on December 22, 2009, Jacky said…
Hi Melinda, Merry Christmas to you and all your family, human & fur.
Carmel let me know that Seamus's mother is Sophy (& father Brodie), so I guess we are definitely related!
Cheers Jacky & Seamus xx
At 5:05pm on January 19, 2010, Rieky van Hal said…
thank melinda for comment on the foto from merlin
At 10:30am on February 7, 2010, Susan Stone said…
Thank you Melinda. We miss her, but we are glad for all the years we shared with her.
At 12:18am on February 12, 2010, Norma Pape said…
Thank you Melinda. Derry is gorgeous but wow is he naughty but funny.
At 12:35am on February 12, 2010, Carmel Stringfellow said…
Hi Melinda,
just to say a quick hi and hope that you and Glenn and baby Niamh are all doing well. We have had dreadful heat over here....I think you have also had some of that as well. Hope all the fur-kids are well.

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