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At 8:48am on April 10, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Astrid
Welcome to the site, I do hope that you enjoy it.
Dee and the girls
At 9:50am on April 10, 2009, jeanette terpstra said…
hi hi ik zat net achter mijn computer.
maar wel leuk dat je ook lid bent geworden veel leesplezier
At 1:34pm on April 10, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Astrid
This site is one of the more addictive things in my life at the moment, be warned you will be at your computer most of the day, I have to 'ration' myself to a couple of 1hour bouts a day, doesn't work though, but you will enjoy it.
Do have a good weekend, we are off to a show tomorrow, I should be bathing the girls at the moment, but I am here instead, ah well, I will probably showing Sheep tomorrow, they will be very fluffy.
Hope to speak soon Dee and the girls
At 3:16pm on April 10, 2009, Susan Stone said…
Hi Astrid,
I have read what I could about your Ginger and have an enormous respect for you and her. It hurts to see what you are both going through.
In a litter I bred in 2000 two dogs suffered from epilepsy. I know this is one of the worst illnesses for the owner to experience.
wishing you and Ginger all the very best
At 3:51pm on April 10, 2009, Henk ten Klooster said…
Heb je hyves gezien hartstikke goed wat je doet!
At 10:18am on April 12, 2009, Susan Stone said…
Hello Astrid,
yes I agree - and I do hope the Finnish study throws light on this dreadful disease. Is there anywhere (website - in english please!) I can go for further information about the finnish project? Fromwhat I heard certain breeds in Switzerland are also working together with Finland but nothing doing on the setter front as far as I know...
All the best
At 8:59am on April 13, 2009, Susan Stone said…
Thank you Astrid!
It worked surprisingly well and I could understand most of what is written. Are the people doing the research in Finland still needing blood tests of affected and unaffacted dogs do you know?
At 11:03am on April 16, 2009, Susan Stone said…
Many thanks for the link to the finnish site!
best regards
At 8:07am on April 18, 2009, Michelle Webster said…
Hi there Astrid,

I was interested to read about Ginger having Epilepsy as my dog also has this. Thanks for posting the link, I wil check it out later when I've a bit more time.
Best wishes,
At 1:55pm on May 3, 2009, lyn hathaway said…
hi astrid been reading about ginger.im so very very sorry your poor girl as this illness.it must be so hard for you to watch your poor girl go through this.give her a big hug from me
oh by the way thank you for your birthday wishes for layla they are much appreciated
At 3:16pm on May 3, 2009, lyn hathaway said…
hi astrid layla as had 2 and 1/2 years to adapt to going blind since she was first diagnosed.she is coping very very well i think shes mapped out in her mind where everything is in the home and we always take her to the same places when we go out with her and you would not notice anything different about her .we are caravanners so when we go away we are going to have her on a leash now just to make sure she doesnt get disorientated with different surroundings. its changes that can have an effect on them.i think shes happy though
At 5:15pm on May 14, 2009, Laura Kolbach said…
hi Astrid, happy to hear that you also feed "my" brand. i recommended it to many people and all the dogs look better than ever. i really believe in that they don't have all those "bad" things in it.
greetings, Laura
At 5:13pm on May 15, 2009, Laura Kolbach said…
i know that you don't live there :-) just thought that you have friends there who would be interested in it.
At 8:19am on May 16, 2009, Nicole Wilson said…
Hello Astrid,
I usually get it online at http://www.zooplus.co.uk/. There are a couple of other online shops, I think, but the price is more or less the same and zooplus offers free delivery ;-) I haven't seen Orijen in any shops yet but hopefully it will become available sometime. Ginger is lovely. I hope she is keeping well!
At 8:25am on May 16, 2009, Nicole Wilson said…
Actually, just had another look on the internet and found more stockists now:
Must have been updated recently!! :-))
At 4:33pm on May 24, 2009, Jean-Luc R Jonola X. Sametsuz H. said…
Hi, thank you for your comment.
At 3:38am on May 29, 2009, Michelle Webster said…
At 5:17pm on June 10, 2009, andre en anja van dijk said…
Hallo astrid ja he vinden wij ook om op deze site te zijn
At 3:12pm on June 25, 2009, andre en anja van dijk said…
Hallo Astrid,wat een pracht hond heb je ondanks haar epilepsie,wel zielig moet ik zeggen maar had een vraagje van waar komt Ginger vandaan?

Groetjes Andre en Anja
At 6:55pm on July 17, 2009, Leen said…
Erg bedankt Astrid. Geef Ginger een dikke knuffel van me.

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