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At 4:05am on November 1, 2013, terrie lynn stauffer said…

finding Beau,I can't imagine the vet bills you have rise. You went on the radio to help find Beau why can't you go on the radio and ask for money for the vet bills that having the rescue animals. You are running a rescue farm like SOS I send them money every month, even a small amount would like when everyone would help just a little. My heart goes out to you. If I had the money I would galdley send money to you but I'm very poor.please write to me whenever you can. terrie


At 7:55am on December 21, 2013, Eileen Olivares said…

Dear Susan,

Thank you for accepting my ES friend request. I wish you and all of your beautiful animals, dogs, horses and heron a wonderful Christmas time and all the very best for 2014!

Kind regards, Eileen, Lucas, Molly, Fiona & Jason

At 9:00pm on January 7, 2014, terrie lynn stauffer said…

Sue you have lost all your engish setters now???


At 6:50am on February 3, 2014, Teresa said…

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your comment, I found it very interesting!
We do talk about intuitive communication, but it's usually not a good thing in our line of work :-(
We find that most people are sending all the wrong signs to their pets, making them scared and confused, so we normally find ourselves teaching people how to act and talk around/to their pets so they can all understand each other better.
We also teach people how to read dog language better as there are many wrong concepts out there!
As for being Alpha... Many of our clients come in our office as Alpha or trying to become Alpha. They all leave as moms and dads!!!
Dominance is an outdated unscientific concept. Dogs are sensitive animals and they are not trying to rule the world!!! They are opportunistic, guard whatever they see as valuable resources and will do what works on trial and error basis.
This makes them perfect for pure positive training techniques and not the usual punitive heartbreaking methods you see advertised out there!

So, the way I see it, you are doing perfectly on any behaviorists' book!

At 3:28am on February 4, 2014, Ellen Turberfield said…
Hi Susan
Hammer looked lovely in his photos and your right we have to keerp them alive in our hearts. My Finlay is doing well, I don't know if I told you but I changed vets over a year ago, explained about what had been said and done to Finlay new vet wanted to wait untill he saw his notes which took ages to arrive, next time I went he told me in his oplnion Finlay never had bone cancer as you would not have to be a vet to see he wasn't a I'll dog, will I left the vets crying people watching me I had to explain they were happy tears, but later at home they were angry tears that they had put him through all that and me, I worried all the time how long did I have left with him. That's my rant over for now.
I will have to take some photos of him but I can't get them on here have to wait for my daughter to do it.
Take care Susan, hugs to the all xxx
At 4:41pm on February 4, 2014, Ellen Turberfield said…
I think sometimes we know our dogs so well that vets should listen to us a bit more while tnere treating them, I just couldn't belive Finlay was that I'll, and the first vet that phoned me while he was under and having x-ray wanted to amputate, thank god I never even considered that.
Finlay and I sending hugs back to you, take care xxx
At 5:42am on February 21, 2014, Mike said…

Hi Susan, Thanks for accepting and your comments. Sounds like you have a large family! Have been reading your discussions, so sad about Beau!

At 5:54am on February 21, 2014, Valerie Short said…
Hi Susan thank you for being my friend I'm sure we can find lots to discuss in the future. We do not know much about Daisy, she is very small and we did wonder if she could be of the working strain. She was imported from Italy, she is about 3 years old and that's all the information my daughter was given.
At 2:13am on May 25, 2014, Marie Szychowski said…

Hi Susan, Thanks for making me your friend and making me feel welcome even though you are having a hard time right now. I believe in the power of prayer so I believe Hobson will come good. Marie,x

At 2:31am on August 6, 2014, Sue Paterson said…

Hello Susan. Thank you for leaving me a message. Bridie continues to enjoy her life. She is losing so much weight that I find it very hard to believe we will have her for much longer. She now weighs 19 kg. But she fights on and so do we.

I hope Hobson and Misty are still improving. Please let me know. You are in my thoughts. Sue xxx

At 2:38am on August 22, 2014, Sue Paterson said…

Thank you Susan for the friend request which I'm pleased to accept. I'm glad Hobson continues his remarkable journey and that Misty is recovered from her op.

Bridie now has secondary cancer in the liver and has had a bad week with copious diarrhoea which we thought may be the next stage of symptoms. However she seems to be on the mend at the moment and although the vet included euthanasia in her outline of what may occur in the future, we were all in agreement that Bridie still has good quality of life eating, playing and wanting her walks in spite of everything. She's a tough little fighter. They never cease to amaze me these beautiful companions who share our lives!

All the best to you and yours. Sue xx

At 2:48am on August 28, 2014, Sue Paterson said…

Its a case of onward and upward again thankfully Susan. All the best to you and yours, Sue xxx

At 9:04am on November 2, 2014, Ellen Turberfield said…
Hi Susan, nice to hear from you, sending hugs and best wishes back to you, Hobson and Misty, Take care Ellen and Finlay (",) xxx
At 11:29am on November 2, 2014, James Doran said…

Hi Susan. Thanks for the message. Romeo is as handsome as ever and doing well. He will be eleven next month. I must get some more recent photos on as he is very distinguished with a lot of grey hairs on his face now. Best wishes to you and all your family. Xo.

At 1:08pm on November 4, 2014, Debra Harris said…

Thanks for the Welcome Susan.  Sonny is such a shy and timid boy, the little bit that I have been told about his background is that he lived outside his whole life with his Dad and was never socialized or brought indoors,  at 8 yrs old, I only hope I can help him overcome it.  I think the lack of any human affection and comfort in his life has forever scarred him and I don't know if he will ever fully trust humans, but he and I are bonding, and he is the sweetest little guy.  He prefers to hide in his crate and seems to like when I come pet him. I have to force him out for walks, as he has never had to tell anyone that he needs to go out to potty. So far he has not had a single accident in the house.  He is difficult to walk on a leash as he pulls so much.  He does not seem to listen at all once he gets outdoors.  If I talk to him when we are indoors, you can tell he is listening, (at least sometimes)  He does sleep an awful lot and at times just lays with his eyes closed when I get up close and try to talk to him.  We are trying him on Prozac as he seems to be very depressed.  It would make me so happy if I could turn things around for him and see some happiness in his eyes.  He has no idea how to play and is very afraid of toys that squeak. If you have any suggestions/advice, I would love to hear it.  Thanks!  Debbie

At 9:18am on December 28, 2014, Cornelia said…

Thank you, Susan for commenting on my blog. Our Joy is grey but full of energy! How are Hobson and Misty these days? I was so glad to see, that Hobson finally improved and could go on little walks again. Enjoy their company! Best wishes, C & J xxx

At 7:37am on June 10, 2015, Barbara said…

Dear Susan! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and your message! Will write you soon. Love and hugs to you all B+T xxx

At 3:09am on September 22, 2015, Peter Hennig said…
Thank you Susan for the birthday wishes I had a fantastic day with my children and grandchildren
Are you on Facebook, I rarely come on ES I spend most of my time on a site called Irish Setter lovers I'll send you a friend request and an invite to ISL

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