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What is your favourite settersong, -book, -movie, -history, -photo and -story?

Wondering while reading your posts: what is your favourite settersong, -book, -movie, -history, -photo and -story and why?

My favourite settersong is “Abergavenny,” on a picturesque town in Wales. Shannon sings praise on a red setter in this 1969 hit if I'm correct and reportedly there was an Irish setter on stage as well. Closely followed by Start me Up (Rolling Stones), could be a good song for start of a working day.

Book - The trilogy Big Red, Irish Red and Outlaw Red by Jim Kjelgaard (USA) Closely followed by T.H. White: The Goshawk. Because they portray adeventures with working Irish setters. Closely followed by the more recent UK one (inspired by Kjelgaard) for kids on an Irish setter aboard of the Titanic.

Movie - Walt Disneys Big Red. I've never seen the Bonanza-series with an Irish setter in it so this one might be still be beaten.

History - the giant task a few people set themselves up with in the fifties to restore the Irish setter into former fieldglory in the USA as portrayed in The Modern Red Setter. Closely followed by The New Irish Setter (Thompson) as you can see how the Irish setter changed from an athlete into a showclown.

Photo - The kid that was saved from a burning car by an Irish setter in St. Louis. I've still got the picture.

Story - A short story of Colin Mc Kelvie (Ireland) on working Irish setters all year around. In it is decribed work on all kinds of game so not only specialist stuff (feathers). Closely followed by a short Internet-story on Clancy howling all of the village at the time his owner was shot in Vietnam.

Whats yours?

Henk ten Klooster.

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i haven't found anything either... so it might be just someone's dog from the crew, i suppose. but a lovely photo anyway!

camilla and me prefer clark, henk is devoted to brigitte b. even with english setters ;-)
well, there is also Rock Hudson and his pet irish setter. not sure of the name. Harry Truman's daughter had her own Irish Setter Mikey while Truman was in the White House. Roosevelt had one as well...

The late Susan George,actress, owned Irish setters.I met her once when she was showing at Crufts.

The Butcher's Tripe adverts have to be among the best for our red friends.

You are right,I am sorry for such a dreadful error,I was thinking of her husband.
Clark Gable had an Irish Setter called Queenie who was his constant companion
Heres a confession. Brigitte made me fall in love with English setters:-))))) You are right Laura.

Sorry Camilla could'nt find pictures, of America's Sweetheart the Girl with the Curl yes, but not with her Irish setter. But she sure had one.

Hey Jelena, Hudson is not my favorite, but nice to know about his relation with a setter. Yes Truman I knew Roosevelt is new for me, do you have more info?

I thought Susan from Switzerland would come up with that story of an Irish setter escaping from the house and crossing all the mountains over there or was it Austria to find its humans somewhere in Italy on holidays. This setter followed a line that was direct -so like aereoplanes do. And fed himself by robbing.

It was a story conquering many hearts once and published in many media over there but not English, I think. Anyway would be good to hear more from you all on setterstories - especially the German scene had so many some portrayed by Hilde Schwoyer.

Henk ten Klooster.
Oh I do not think that picture does him a lot of justice, but he was a mighty handsome fellow. :)))
Sorry Henk, don't know that one!

Susan from Switzerland
There is also that movie with Chevy Chase, one of the vacation ones. The family is in a garden/park with a lake and an Irish Setter is running through the picture several times... you can only assume that it is a setter :) So I might be wrong.
Also, more recently, in the movie "13 going on 30" with Mark Ruffalo. There is a scene where Jennifer Garner walks in the Central Park and come across a dog walker with about 6 dogs. One dog that tries to steal her ice cream is, of course, an Irish Setter :))))) ( why am I not surprised?) LOL
this is from ( of course unreliable source) web page (CanaDogs.com) about all the USA Pres who owned Irish Setters:
Did you know?
Four Irish Setters
have lived in the
White House:

Jack and Jill (FDR)
King Timahoe (Richard Nixon)
Mike (Harry Truman).
Also, Olivia Newton-John has had irish for a while. Jackson before, and more recently Jack (pictured)

yes, capsians indomitable "red" and caspians best of the best 'rua'.




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