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The older I get, and the more interested I have become in dogs and what makes them tick, the more tolerant have I grown as far as other breeds are concerned. I have ended up with a breed (had you asked me when I was in my early 20s) I could have sworn I would never ever have. I used to think sighthounds was definatly a "no-way"-breed for me, now I can think of quite a few breeds in that group I would like to at least try. Who (but elderly ladies) would possibly want a toy-dog? Not me!
(And I dont feel Im as old as I thought you had to be to own one!)
Im now in to my third.
My first encounter with bordercollies was in the early 70s in England. I thought they were bloody awful! OK if you had sheep, but otherwise...a very definite NO!
Now I am very seriously considering one and have got as far as to study pedigrees and check out differant breeders.
Yes I know that this is a site for Irish setter lovers...but what if you had to choose another breed, what would it be?

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Thats how I have ended up with most of the cats I have ever had John! They have all been dumped, mistreated, got from a shelter or have just arrived here....

There's always half-a-setter! These puppies look gorgeous


I've had cockers pretty much all my life, still have my old girl and love her! But I don't think I'm getting another cocker when Ginja passes... at least not a puppy!

I wouldn't mind getting a rescue setter or cocker, I'm used to both breeds and I feel I'd be able to cope with most of behaviour problems that scare most people off! I also like the idea of givng an older dog some decent last years, so I'd also consider taking in an older dog.

The one breed that I never had and hope I will some day is the Irish Woulfhound, I just love them!

...But no matter what different breeds I may have, I just can't picture my life without a red head around me! And if I ever feel I'm too old for a puppy, I think I'll still get an older red head, and we'll both be old and grumpy toghether!

I started off with Labradors and still own one old girl. When I went to Crufts in 1997 it was with the intention of buying a Labrador but the Irish were on at the same time and that was that! Now I also have Tibetan Spaniels as my daughter wanted her own breed when she was younger. Now of course she has lost interest in showing and I am looking after them. They are a funny little breed. Throw loads of coat twice a year which my Irish never do. My big stud dog ( he is about 28inches at the shoulder), absolutley loves them. But my tibbie male keeps trying to attack him. Quite funny. Luckily Brodie just ignores him!

When I had my first dog in 1974 I wanted a Great Dane - no luck; then I thought of a Dalmatian - again no luck. Apart from those two breeds I also knew what a Pekeinese looked like and a Border Collie but didn't fancy either of those. Then, there was a litter of Irish Setters advertised in the local paper. As I had no idea what they looked like I went to the library and that was that. Thirty eight years later I have had more than any sane person would think normal. Loved showing, hated breeding/judging. Have also had Red and Whites from 1980 to 2003 and Irish Water Spaniels. The only mistake was a Bearded Collie - poor girl was driven to distraction trying to round up nine setters and a water spaniel all going in different directions. She lived until she was thirteen but I was never sure she was truly happy!

Last year when we lost Aisling (Loskeran Lana) and were down to two girls, I was convinced we wouldn't have another as it seemed to be getting harder to cope with each loss. Then we went to visit Carmel in Ireland and at the beginning of this year along came Laoise. Is she the last, who knows, I hope not but if we did have to 'down size' I would go for a Border Terrier - small enough to put under your arm but big enough for a proper cuddle.  I suppose you would have to have two as they would be company for each other. Now we're back to 1976 when I got my second Irish!!!!!


as I love all silky, shiny, long coated and long eared dogs with soft and gentle character I think I could also have english cocker spaniel, springer spaniel or welsh springer spaniel... but I really think I will always have irish setters as I think most of them can be train and socialize to a very calm and well behaved dogs.
Well if I should choose breed to guard me and my setters :) I would choose doberman or belgian malinois.

There is no other choice, only irish setter.

I like many other breeds but I want to have in my home only little red devils:-)

Darling Ursula, Have you considered the delightful Norfolk Terrier? Absolutely gorgeous, although fairly difficult to come by, I believe. M XXX

Haha...its the word "terrier" in Norfolk terrier that puts me off Myra...:-)

I am certain there are exceptions, but seems like ALL terriers I have come across have the same temperament...the "quick-to-explode"...perhaps you could get used to it? But as for small dogs, the french bulldogs are great! Great fun...but I would prefer ONE only and not THREE that my daughter dumps on me from time to time...:-)

Interesting discussion and funny to see the same type of dogs coming up again and again (Great Danes, Wolfhounds, Terriers, Spaniels). I grew up with Dachshunds and Basset Hounds and whereas the "Dackel" never truly found a place in my heart I would still consider owning a Basset. In fact I've found lots of similarities between Hounds and Irishes: from the shape of their heads to the silly gallop propelled by rotor tail, from their chatty nature to their infuriating stubbornness, from their loving grace to their devil-may-care attitude and clownishness. So yes, should the osteoarthritis hit hard I might consider switching.... not for a while though.  :)


as we are talking about bassets. I discovered few years ago petit basset griffon vendeen - funny, rascal, lively small dog. So maybe if not a setter it could be PBGV!

Hi Anna - just read up on the PBGV and they sound like great fun - according to Wiki they are called "the happy breed" and are very outsopken and possess a "musical" ear, i.e. they howl along to their fave songs. :-)  I love any dog that can make me laugh. No point in having a four-legged companion that makes you feel miserable or is a bore. I'll happily add the PBGV to my list. Thanks for the suggestion.




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