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Any advice on this disgusting habit Harvey has would be greatly appreciated as my title says Harvey's eating poop and he's not always fussy who's he eats its disgusting if I catch him and shout at him he stops but if I am not their I know he's done it as there are tell tale signs it's spoiling our walks as if he's any distance from me and I shout he tries to eat it before I can get to him in the gardens not so bad because he knows I'm not far from him is it something lacking in his diet he's on royal canine

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Thanks rob I will have a look on the Internet and see if I can source it i am in fife in Scotland

I can't answer that Jen but are you thinking the aloe is preventing her from getting her nutritional needs? The food I feed is actually supplemented with glucosomine / chondroitin. From Malkie's response above, it sounds to me that there are comparable feeds in the UK as here in the States. Might be worth looking into. Just a thought.

My Kasia is poo eater too. In the faeces there are still some nutritiens attractive to dogs.

I think it's individual. None of my previous dogs had that habit, although they all were fed on the same food. Kasia loves also each kind of manure, especially fresh on the ground. She's now almost 2 years old and I think she is doing it now very rarely. So maybe she will grow out.

The second factor could be also change of her diet. I want to move her on raw food and now she gets more fresh meat: chicken, beef, fish.  Maybe it's worth asking people who use only raw food do they have that problem.

Hi, when my puppy tried this another dog owner told me that if you feed ie dried first stomach/tripe ( pansen in german) that this stops this bad habbit. It worked with Henry when he was six months...
I gave two dried strips a day...here is the type I used

Good luck!

ITS a SETTER!!! And the more you make of it the worse it is likely to get. Especialy if you show a strong reaction to it!!

Several people have mentioned pineapple. the tinned chunks dont always work but the fresh pineapple will do it. digested - it seems to have a most unpleasant taste for dogs and they usually leave it alone.

you can set up a "leave it" exercise if you can somach collecting several "samples" and walk the dog past them using distraction and reward.


It isnt a diet supplement the dog is looking for, its a natural behaviour and sadly if you are exercising where a lot of "pet fed" dogs are reconstitution of faeces from some of the dog foods is minimal and therefore tasty.






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