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Cash and I waited all summer for our local town's 3rd annual bark fesitival.  We were there last year and had so much fun.  What a shame after a week of great weather it rained steadily all day.  I decided we would take the umbrella and head over there anyway.  He was all groomed and bathed for our special dog day out and within a few minutes he was a drowned rat.  Even so we were stopped dozens of times by other dog owners who wanted to talk about an irish setter.  We don't have many around here and we enjoyed talking to people about his breed.  He made me proud by walking so nicely and never being rude towards other dogs or humans.  He was excellent.  So I am at a booth and someone comes up behind me and says "is that an irish setter, wow I haven't seen one of those in years".  I turned and there is a couple with TWO of them!   Without missing a beat I replied, "Are those Golden Retreivers"?  Then the man says to me, "my uncle used to have an irish setter, dog was nuts".  We all roared with laughter and others standing by us didn't get it at all.  I had a great conversation with them, the lady is from Poland and both dogs were rescue dogs.  I did tell them to come over and join this site since they commented they never see other irish anywhere either.  Cash had a some pictures taken for a charity donation, wet as he was, and I can't wait till the man emails them to me.  I will share them if they look half way decent.  What I saw of them they had come out great.  Shocked that he posed and sat still that long.  He seemed to enjoy all the attention he got.

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Sounds like great fun!

Lovely story Sue and well done Cash on being a great Irish example;o))

Oh Sue, that's just wrong!!!

A well behaved setter? That' just missleading people! =)

Sounds like you and Cash had a great time! Keep up the good behaviour Cash!

LOL I just thought it was funny that no matter where you live people make the same comments about irish setters and ask the same strange questions.  I even got the is that an afghan too? 

It's trully amazing, Setters reputation is the same (and wrong) worldwide!

Here they are also the crazy dog your uncle or grandfather had!

Your dogs are very well kept secret... =P

ROFL Nicola.....best not to try to converse with someone like that!  Cash is always with packs of Goldens and even the reddest of them, isn't as red.  And they have completely different looks and body types. 
I had somebody stop me and tell me she had a cocker spaniel just like mine!
LOL Howard, and I wanted to say welcome back and speedy recovery.  What a fright that must have been for you and yours.  Glad your back with us.

When Pitanga was little, a man came to me and said "gorgeous cocker"! I smiled and said, no, she's an Irish setter!

He looked at me and said: "No, that's a cocker for sure, and if someone convinced you that is a setter, you are a fool!" And then he explained to me why my dog was a cocker. As he walked away, he kept saying "setter, pfff" and laughed on!

Despite the man's explanation, to this day, I'm pretty sure Pitanga is a setter... =)


But Nicola's story is way better!

I had a woman stop me said Shannon was a beautiful dog and asked was it a beagle
When Freddie was 13 weeks (about 4 years ago) old a woman with a dobermann said 'oh a cocker with a tail' and I had to say 'no an Irish Setter with a tail'!

Glad that you and Cash had an enjoyable day at the barkfest, Sue!




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